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Pete Martell: "How do you like your coffee?"
Special Agent Cooper: "Blacker than midnight on a moonless night."
Pete Martell: "...pretty black."

Special Agent Cooper: "MMM, that's damn fine coffee!"
Always did disagree with Coop about how to take coffee. It should first be made as black as midnight, but then? You need to add a little something special.

I mentioned my fridge is broken, right? I can now afford to replace it, but I've got used to not having one, and, well, I'm almost certainly moving soon so pointless. Anyway, last night, I made myself a cup of coffee, but the milk was off. Pas de problem, I can do something special. Y'see, Tesco seem to have over ordered Carte d'Or Vanilla this summer. Normally, a little pricey, and not a brand I normally get, nor a flavour (Green and Black's Orange Chocolate please. Or Ben and Jerry's). But, if it's on two-for-one? I'll buy that for, well, a bit more than a dollar TBH.

Mat, what has ice cream to do with coffee?

Well, y'see, little trick I picked up on from a Slovenian friend (really should have tried to keep in touch with her, ah well). Instead of adding milk, add ice cream to your coffee. She called it 'iced coffee', but it's not Greek Frappé style, it's real ice cream in real coffee. The more expensive the ice cream, and the better quality the coffee, the better this works.

Put in about two spoonfulls of ice cream into a nearly full mug of coffee, stir gently and allow to melt. Use a spoon to eat the froth off the top, then drink the coffee. The froth? A mixture of cream and coffee taste, much better than from a latte or a cappucino. The coffee itself? Soooo gooooodddd...

I'm about to make my second mug of this evening. Um, this may effect my ability to sleep properly this week. Ah well, off work next week, of to Londres. [livejournal.com profile] nadriel? We may need to investigate a cheap way to get you a freezer compartment for some ice cream.
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