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Sorry, couldn't resist.

OK, I've had what can only be termed as a brilliant, if rather hectic few days. Rented flat Weds, met with friends for a wander around London Thurs, including a great fun walk up and down the Thames with [livejournal.com profile] jantshira for about two hours, then drove home, collapsed into my old bed, etc.

Friday I packed as much in the way of clothes and other essentials (like, y'know, the computer) into the car, drove up, parked at Mike's, got on a train and went to Lewisham. David's band were very good (I was worried they wouldn't be My Sort of Thing, but despite that being true I still enjoyed it a lot, and even *shudders* sang along at times). Fox and Firkin a top pub; I didn't realise it was an actual pirate theme night until I got there, but it was both packed and more than 50% pirate. And, despite it being a fairly young crowd, I was neither the youngest nor did I feel out of place. Briefly (very) met [livejournal.com profile] publicansdecoy; David, by the time I'd recognised you I was more than three sheets to the wind, so apologies if my drunkenness was a little off), as it's his local, as it is also [livejournal.com profile] matryx's apparently.

Ended up going back with the band to Emma and Matty's, for a quick drink before working out the night bus routes. Um, that was the plan. I woke up this morning on their sofa, surrounded by band members on the floor or in sleeping bags, with a hangover from hell. I vaguely recall eating some toast at some point, and there may have been more singing. Ouch.

Today, I had to rush around to two separate banks (because Raynes Park Barclays wasn't open), then met the guy from the letting agent, and the landlady, and then unloaded the car and (sort of) unpacked. By the time I'd unloaded and settled in it was a bit late to get into town to meet [livejournal.com profile] matryx and friends; that's I think 3 times I've managed to not manage a planned meet Greg, sorry about that, will get better when not hectic, promise.

So, got set up, did some basic unpacking, made the bed and...

Who am I kidding. I have a wireless broadband connection. It's a bit choppy, but I have broadband, on my own PC. What do y'all think I've been doing?

Anyway; I got to ?skip=200 on my main friends view, let alone blogs and weasels, so I gave up, so if anything major has happened in your life recently, or you've died, or something, LMK?

I'll put up a new contact details for LJ-friends tomorrow when I've figured out the post code, but the public bit is Raynes Park, near Wimbledon, SW20

I am a London resident, complete with house keys and off-street parking. Off street parking, broadband and a room that isn't as small as I thought, for £300 a month? Bargain!

Now, naturally, I have to go investigate the kitchen facilities, I'm a little peckish. Then, the plan is, investigate this thing known as Slimelight. I've never been.
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