Feb. 21st, 2007

Seriously, I'd forgotten just how much better a decent gas hob is over traditional electric plates. With my pile of stuff collected over the weekend, I finally grabbed the omelette pan, and have just had my own, self cooked, and damn nice omelette. With a side of halloumi.

So good...

I don't want to go back to an electric hob again, ever. Well, actually, one of those modern expensive glowing things would probably be ok, but I likes me my gas I does.

Anyway. Was supposed to spend morning unpacking and sorting, the afternoon trawling employment agencies, again, and then go into Cowley St. I have in fact spent the morning reading and feeling awful, the afternoon catching up online and pratting around, have finally had lunch + coffee, and will now get myself together to go into town.

Organised? Me? Whatever gave you that idea. Really ought to get around to unpacking the rest of the car, it's got the best part of my CD collection in it, and I want to rip more of it onto the walkman.
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