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Mat Bowles ([personal profile] matgb) wrote2007-12-15 03:21 pm

Sorry mate, didn't see you...

Via Steve, a short edumacational film about paying attention when driving, that lovers of the roads of Devon and bikers everywhere will concur with. Oh, there's a tank in it:

YouTube - A Day out in Devon, set up to promote their Bikers campaign. I approve. Not that I've ever actually ridden a motorbike, but I still approve.

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Remind me to post that to [ profile] uk_bikers later, have to go to work

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It's a pretty apt metaphor, BTW. I will have to send that to my husband, he'll probably send it on to his Harley group, and suddenly poor Devon will be all, "Why are a bunch of Americans sending us crazy compliments, I wonder?"

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Hey, just coming over from the [ profile] ljspeaks community.

I was looking for moderators, and you came to mind, so I was wondering if you'd be interested in giving the position a shot ;]

If you are interested, if you could answer these two very quick questions, it would be great:

1) In your eyes, what do you feel the purpose of [ profile] ljspeaks is?

2) What sort of entries would you feel are not appropriate for [ profile] ljspeaks?

Thanks for the interest!

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That was quite amusing. And quite well-done, especially for DCC. (Although it's probabvly unfair of me to judge the entire organisation by the standards of the bits of it I worked for.)

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Very entertaining! There is something about wanton destruction...