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Stuff, stuff and more [fun?] stuff

  1. has an interview with the Six Apart CEO
    • [ profile] foxfirefey gives it a good fisking[1], and goes through a whole load of useful numbers [2]. Seriously, go read.
    • Given the factual innacuracies in the article, I emailed the author. Despite the 6A spin, he admits that the mistakes are his. He says he'll fix it [3].
  2. My good friend [ profile] draich_goch is having problems with his garage.
    • Remember this idea from June?
    • We decided to do Blears and [ profile] mapp, but never got around to setting it up.
    • Let's do it

Setting up those Google Bombs

Right, there were going to be two, but in order to assist Jason and get some petty revenge, I'm adding a third. Feel free to do one, two, or three of them. Theoretically, it only takes a week or so to work, but this'll be the first one I'm aware of entirely via Livejournal.


Go to your Links List[4] and add some new links to your journal display page. The first should be called 'Cowardly genius' and should have the link Second should be 'insubstantial careerist' and have the link the third should be 'a bunch of lying bastards' and should have the link

To help the bomb on the way, a public post containing all the links correctly anchored and titled would help as well. It has to be public because, dude? The whole point of friends locking is to stop people and search engines getting to it, but you can't bomb Google without giving their bots access to your post...

If'n you're not sure how to correctly link with titles and anchors, copy and past the below box into a post (it'll help if it's not behind a cut as well).

which should give an output something like:
I'm participating in [ profile] matgb's attempt at the first proper Livejournal Google Bomb. We have decided to promote a cowardly genius, denigrate an insubstantial careerist and point out to the world a bunch of lying bastards. For more information go here.
The links list entries are the most important, as Google really likes to index front-page links, but also picks up links from sub pages as well.

As always, just a bit of fun. If it works, might be good to do one with a more international flavour as well, but, y'know, proof of concept and all that fun...

Oh yeah...

Comment here with a link back to your post so we can spread the love more ;-)

[1] Fisking: A section by section analysis of an article, pointing out it's innacuracies and fallacies, named for Robert Fisk, journalist for the Independent, who, um, tends to deserve it, great writer, bias palpable.

[2] Approx 25% of active users are Plus level. Approx 10% are paid (higher than we previously thought). The rest are 'Basic'/free. More interestingly, 50% of new users are Plus. That means that 50% change from the default at sign up, approximately 40/10 basic/paid?

[3]My comments are on a members-only post at [ profile] no_lj_ads, a community I highly recommend for a general round-up of LJ news and very informed comment, in a constructive manner; a number of LJ high ups regularly comment there and are actually quite helpful.

[4] Only works for users of S2, if you're using S1, you'll need to hardcode it, but most people use S2 without trying, those using S1 should be able to figure it out, right?

[identity profile] 2006-10-07 12:50 am (UTC)(link)
Ah, Mat: if possible, please turn up to GameSoc this Sunday (in the JCR). First meeting of the new academic year, with freshers running around, and your considerable experience and presence would be most welcome. :)

[identity profile] 2006-10-07 02:41 am (UTC)(link)
Here be me contribution. Actual links will be up shortly.
ext_28008: (Default)

[identity profile] 2006-10-07 08:44 am (UTC)(link)
I'm taking part and, um, might also be brave enough to go to GeekSoc this Sunday for an hour or two.

[identity profile] 2006-10-07 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
i just lost the game. :(

[identity profile] 2006-10-07 02:27 pm (UTC)(link)
right. but what's that about reverse psychology? ;)

[identity profile] 2006-10-07 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)
haha! gotcha.

quite neat.

thanks for the amusement. :)
ext_28008: (Default)

[identity profile] 2006-10-07 10:33 am (UTC)(link)
You do realise that "insubstantial careerist" and "cowardly genius" are now working. "A bunch of lying bastards" might take a bit longer though.

[identity profile] 2006-10-07 11:35 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, that always amuses me!

[identity profile] 2006-10-08 09:52 pm (UTC)(link)
A link back to my post (

I've hidden the links list from displaying on my front page (they are only in my friends view). If I added the links there would it still be picked up?