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Mat Bowles ([personal profile] matgb) wrote2009-03-22 06:35 pm

Vegetarian? Terrorist!

Dear Govt.

We haven't exactly been on good terms for some time now, but even so, please understand that if it gets to the point where I read a Mail on Sunday scare story entitled "Stasi HQ UK" and find myself agreeing with them against your actions? You're Doing It Wrong.

Seriously, know any vegetarians? Or someone involved with a "foreigner"? How about a fear of flying so you prefer sitting above the wing, or a tendency to make last minute decisions on travel plans?
An internal Home Office document obtained by The Mail on Sunday reveals that during testing one 'potential suspect' turned out to be an airline passenger with a spinal injury flying into Britain with his nurse.

'Suspect' requests likely to cause innocent holidaymakers to get 'red flags' as potential terrorists include ordering a vegetarian meal, asking for an over-wing seat and travelling with a foreign-born husband or wife.

The system will also 'red flag' passengers buying a one-way ticket and making a last-minute reservation
There are, we know, nasty people out there. And some of them want to try to blow up aeroplanes. But treating those who believe animals deserve a little bit of respect as potential terrorists?

That's fucking stupid!

I tick so many boxes on this system it's silly. And I know several friends (including those reading this) that tick even more.

FFS. My friend Dr Packula has created a Facebook group, which essentially will share information and link to WriteToThem. Contacting your MP about this insanity would probably be a good thing.

I need to go hit something. Oh, wait, the bread is rising downstairs, I'll go hit that before it goes in the oven. I have photos. If they come out, a post may be pending.

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(Looks nervously around) what's wrong with vegetarians?
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Foreigners are vegetarians! Therefore vegetarians are foreigners. QED.

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Vegetarians are increasingly being flagged because they're seen as strong potential Animal Rights Activists, and Animal Rights Activists are now seen as "Terrorists".

I kid you not.
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I think your speech marks slipped. Lemme help:

"Animal Rights" activists are now seen as terrorists.

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Apologies for the harshness of my redacted reply: I'm full to brimming with Teh Angry today.
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Thank you for the apology. I hope today is better for you.

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I've linked to a few stories about this in recent [ profile] linkfrenzys

You prolly saw this one?

FBI Arrests 4 Activists as "Terrorists" for Chalking Slogans, Leafleting and Protesting
"It was only a matter of time. Since the passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, a sweeping new law labeling animal rights activists as "terrorists," corporations and industry groups have been pushing the federal government to use their new powers... On February 19th and 20th, the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI arrested four animal rights activists as 'terrorists'..."
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Hmph. If I ever flew on an airline posh enough to serve meals I'd probably go for the vegetarian option out of sheer distrust for the meat. Then again, I've given up flying completely.

I'm assuming this is real genuine PANIC and not just the Fail knitting itself a shocking story by turning some harmless facts inside out?

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I'm not sure how exactly this relates, if the mail is just 9 months behind or not.
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I'm vegetarian, and my girl comes from the largest and most dangerous terrorist country on the planet.

...I'm oddly proud of ticking so many boxes.
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Oh my god. I'm a terrorist because I emigrated to the USA (on a one-way flight) and have a foreign-born (American, non-Christian) wife.

I shall turn myself in to the relevant authorities forthwith.

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Woooo! I'm a terrorist! Vegetarians of the world unite!

And one of my ex-girlfriends? She was BROWN.

Seriously, mixed-race relationships are gonna destroy civilisation? Where are we, 1930s Alabama?