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Mat Bowles ([personal profile] matgb) wrote2010-08-25 06:00 am

Dice art & a Devon visit

Oh come on, like I could resist posting this:
It's a bit like ASCII art, but done with D6s. Must've taken a lot more patience than I could manage. From [ profile] karohemd.

PSA: I am away for a few days as of about an hours time when I get on the bus, I'll be staying at my sister's, and I'm not taking the laptop, I'll likely use hers to check in, but I won't be online at my normal frequency.

Devon types!

Having completely lost track of who reads this that's still in Devon, well, no set plans, Red Arrows this evening, going to Dartmouth Regatta at some point, and probably visiting my grandmothers in Slapton and South Pool Saturday, travelling back up Sunday, I'll be reliant on my sister and/or buses to get about, but it'd be cool to see people if possible.

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