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Interesting Links for 1-8-2011

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Apparently Bill Bailey also did Gary Numan's "Cars" on the bulb horn rack at Sonisphere. Did you see him on Rob Brydon on Friday? If not, find it on iplayer.
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That's the beauty of iplayer, you can skip to the good bits. :)

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Liz Jones just bewilders me. I mean, I can be pretty self-obsessed and entitled but I can't see how that level of solipsism can survive any actual contact with the outside world. Mind you, it looks as if we may have been spared Liz Jones's impressions of the famine, for which I am heartily grateful.
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I was always under the impression that building Thatcher's grave was going to be an architectural nightmare, what with half the people who visited wanting to dance, and the other half needing the loo.