Date: 2012-10-16 01:33 pm (UTC)
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It'd be interesting to see how many of the 39% who voted Tory explicitly endorsed page 45 through page 47 of the manifesto and whether they'd actually read it in detail.

Not many. But...

A big chunk of people were going to vote Conservative anyway, (just as there was for Labour, and a smaller one for the Lib Dems).

But, when I was out doorstepping in my seat (bellweather marginal, considered one of the predictor seats, demographically close to the nation as a whole, etc), I found that the committed, partisan voters were the least likely to read the manifestos.

the swing voters, the undecideds, the "we voted Labour last time but are thinking it's between you and the Tories this time" voters? A lot more of them had read the manifestos, sometimes in detail. I had to go read up, then get back in touch with one lady who had read in close detail the pensions policy and had some very specific concerns.

Sure, most don't read manifstos. But... Most pay attention to the campaign, to the mood music. Thos who're actually undecided, the ones that actually determine the result, many more of them do, in my experience. Not the majority, I think, but even then they pay attention to debates and similar.

If the proposals were so bad, why weren't Labour politicos making as much hey with it in the campaign as they did afterwards?

(OK, we know that's mostly because Brown was useless and some of them were in favour of this sort of thing anyway while in power, but...)

The manifestos determine the campaign mood, to a large extent.

Whether lots of people read what they were voting for is less relevent than that they did vote for it, which is actually quite important.
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