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I'm Mat. There was a horribly long bio here, but it was also horribly out of date.

I'm in my late-thirties, from Devon but living in Yorkshire. I work at the local infants school as a lunchtime play leader, where my job is to make sure kids are having fun, I also look after my stepdaughter, keep house and occasionally do some freelance web work and marketing analysis. I also write the occasional article for publication, Liberal Conspiracy and Lib Dem Voice being the most well frequent; I used to write at Not Little England. I'm heavily involved in electoral reform campaigns and other political stuff, and chair the local branch of the Lib Dems.

Personal life: I live with my fiancée [personal profile] miss_s_b (Jennie) and her other boyfriend, [personal profile] magister visits most weekends until we get a bigger place. Being in an open/poly relationship with my girlfriend telling me off for not following up on the pretty girl flirting the other day? Still getting my head around that one, other than, well, very happy bunny. Go add [personal profile] miss_s_b, because, well, she's even more cool than me.

Mat Bowles' Facebook profileI might add some politics links or campaign buttons here at some point. Just, y'know, I'm at about -7/-7 on the political compass, which makes me more left wing/liberal than 95% of people, and I do have to reign in my anarchist tendencies and remind myself I'm a democrat as well. Sometimes.

Oh, yeah, I'm a horrible lovely, delicious, ruggedly handsome letch, I used to apologise and try to hide this, but now I get told off for not being open about it. So give me a slap if I say something you think is inappropriate, 'flimsy moral standards' is in my interests for a reason...

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2000ad, activism, alan rickman's voice, alastair reynolds, atheism, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, bbc, bbc radio 4, being human, bisexuality, black, blackadder, books, brighouse, britain, british politics, caffeine, ccgs, charles stross, china miéville, chocolate, civil liberties, coffee, comics, cthulhu fhtagn, cute geeks, daleks, dark angel, darwinism, dates with friends, decent css, democracy, devon, discworld, doctor who, douglas adams, dr who, economics, elections, electoral reform, england, environmentalism, equal rights, equalism, equality, europe, european politics, evolution, evolutionary theory, exeter, firefly, flimsy moral standards, free speech, freedom, general election, good html, goth clubs, goth music, goths, great britain, halifax, history, huddersfield, humanism, iain m. banks, industrial, industrial metal, intellectual snobbery, jaded old goths, jasper fforde, john peel, ken macleod, leeds, libdems, liberal democrats, liberalism, liberty, life, living in the future, long hair, machiavelli, manchester, maps, mark thomas, ministry, museums, neil gaiman, nin, nine inch nails, ninja, old harry's game, paignton, philosophy, pink floyd, pizza, politicians, politics, pre-20th century history, private eye, procrastination, proportional representation, pulp, punk, purple, question time, quorn, radio 4, rationalism, reading, red dwarf, reform, richard dawkins, sapiosexuality, sarcasm, scepticism, sci-fi, science fiction, sf, single transferable vote, sisters of mercy, socialism, steph swainston, tank girl, terry pratchett, the culture, the prisoner, therapy, thirty years war, this week, thursday next, torbay, torquay, travel, uk politics, university of exeter, v for vendetta, vegetarianism, warlord ccg, web design, well formatted blog posts, yes minister, yorkshire
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