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Mar. 28th, 2017 11:28 am
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Posted by Tim Worstall

Sustainable degrowth is a downscaling of production and consumption that increases human well-being and enhances ecological conditions and equity on the planet. It calls for a future where societies live within their ecological means, with open, localized economies and resources more equally distributed through new forms of democratic institutions. Such societies will no longer have to “grow or die.” Material accumulation will no longer hold a prime position in the population’s cultural imaginary. The primacy of efficiency will be substituted by a focus on sufficiency, and innovation will no longer focus on technology for technology’s sake but will concentrate on new social and technical arrangements that will enable us to live convivially and frugally. Degrowth does not only challenge the centrality of GDP as an overarching policy objective but proposes a framework for transformation to a lower and sustainable level of production and consumption, a shrinking of the economic system to leave more space for human cooperation and ecosystems.

What in buggery do they think the economy is if it isn’t human cooperation?

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Posted by Tim Worstall

The story about the European Union Baroque Orchestra is doing the rounds again and this is an excellent example of that fake news which we’re all told we must be so vigilant against these days. As has been said about this particular ensemble before, as also with the European Union Youth Orchestra, they are moving their usual base out of the UK as a result of Brexit. That all seems fine enough, except that the stories don’t in fact tell us the truth about why they are doing this. We get a lot of wrapping about possible new visa rules and so on. And absolutely no mention at all of the true reason. The EU pays for all this guff and they’ll not pay for it for organisations outside the EU. Seems fair enough really as well, their money, their choices:

Since then it has been based in the countryside near Oxford, each year assembling some 20 young musicians from across the continent and sending them on international tour. Now, because of Brexit, it has to leave its English home.
Next year the orchestra will move its office and legal base to Antwerp, Belgium, so that it will still be in the EU once Britain quits the bloc in 2019.

That all sounds entirely fair and reasonable, doesn’t it? EU orchestra moves to stay in the EU. But the problem with the story, what elevates it to fake news, is the why:

No one is sure what will happen once Britain leaves the bloc, which has brought near-borderless conditions for artists to travel and work. Will Europeans need visas to perform in Britain, and vice versa? Will musical instruments require travel papers to cross the English Channel?
“In our world most of the musicians are freelance, they rely on the possibility of free movement, both of their performances and of their friends and collaborators,” James said. “The cross-border collaboration is massive in our business, and this will severely restrict that.

Umm, no, that’s really not the reason at all. Although this is a point which seems to be circulating widely:

The event which caught my eye and underscored my undying disbelief in the very notion of Brexit is that its implicit threat to free travel between Britain and Europe for working musicians has prompted the European Union Baroque Orchestra (Oxford-based since 1985) to move to Belgium.

And now the European Union Youth Orchestra, of which Ashkenazy is a former director, is also contemplating a move to mainland Europe after more than 40 years in London.

It really isn’t the freedom of movement. As I’ve pointed out before elsewhere:

We do tend to think that it really is about paperwork but perhaps a rather different sort, the now tallow enabled crinkly folding stuff. From the EU Baroque Orchestra page:

The European Union Baroque Orchestra is unique: EUBO nurtures and supports young baroque music performers through the challenging transition between conservatoire study and the music profession.

The activities of EUBO are an integral part of the EUBO Mobile Baroque Academy (EMBA), a Creative Europe co-operation project 2015-2018 co-funded by the European Union.

From the EU Youth Orchestra page:

The EUYO is funded with support from  the 28 member governments of the European Union.

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission

It doesn’t seem all that remarkable to us that EU funded projects would like to remain in the EU in order to maintain their EU funding.

The European Union pays for these orchestras. They do so on the basis that the activities of the orchestras take place in the EU. Post-Brexit the UK will no longer be in the EU therefore the orchestras will not be based here. And that’s really it. This is about the money, not the visas. And given the vigilance we’re supposed to be using against fake news these days it’s about time people started pointing that out, isn’t it?

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Mar. 28th, 2017 12:00 pm
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Posted by Matt

Last month the Government announced that they were going to be tightening the criteria for claimants of Personal Independence Payments (PIP) which would see those people with mental illnesses stuck without the vital support that they need. The Government has introduced these restrictions after losing two cases at tribunals.

The Tribunal ruled that someone who is unable to undertake a journey without assistance from another person due to psychological distress should be scored in the same way as a person who needs assistance because they have difficulty navigating. Rather than accepting the ruling of the courts, the Government decided to change the legislation and the descriptors to exclude people suffering from some mental health disabilities by inserting the following into the legislation and the descriptors, “for reasons other than psychological distress”.

The Government produced their own analysis of which claimants and conditions are likely to be affected by these changes, https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/593392/pip-assessment-criteria-equality-analysis.pdf

These include people suffering from Dementia, Autism, Cognitive Disorder due to stroke, Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Psychotic Disorder, Schizophrenia, Agoraphobia, to name just a few. These are very serious debilitating mental health conditions that can severely restrict a person’s ability to live independently.

One of Theresa May’s first major speeches after becoming Prime Minister was about righting the social injustices faced by those suffering with mental health conditions, she talked of parity of esteem between physical and mental health and yet at the very first hurdle, She and her Government have failed miserably by introducing this legislation that discriminates against those suffering with mental health disabilities.

I myself have been diagnosed with Severe Depression, Anxiety, Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, social phobia to name just a few. I have suffered with these conditions all through my adult life due to being sexually abused and raped on weekly basis for 12 years of my life. I frequently self harm, suffer from intrusive thoughts and suicidal ideation. I wrote an article about my struggles with mental health, accessing appropriate NHS treatment and the benefit system here.

I currently receive the Lower rate of Disability Living Allowance (Mobility Component) because I need the assistance of someone else in order to leave my home due to “Psychological Distress” When I am eventually migrated to Pip, I will no longer be entitled to an award or this support.

This is an example of what it is like for someone like me who struggles with these disorders outside the home.

When outdoors can become so distressed by events, this can trigger an episode of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms. Symptoms include flash backs to an event that has caused much psychological harm and distress, Visual hallucinations of the event that makes me feel that I am in another time and place, reliving the event as though it is really happening at that moment, becoming completely unaware of immediate surroundings. Coming out of one of these episodes is extremely distressing, confusing and disorientating and leaves me full of fear. My entire thought process is filled only with getting home and getting safe. I am no longer capable of following the route because my brain and thought process will not quieten down enough to think. I can only liken it to a petrified dog that will run off at full speed ahead, unaware of dangers / hazzards / roads, petrified of people, all you can think of is getting home to the safety of your bed and cowering. The situation has caused me to put myself and others in danger whilst in this panicked state of mind. There are many things that can act as a trigger for me, It might be the way someone looks reminds me of person from my past, It can be a certain smell that acts as a trigger, it might be something I hear. I spend most of my life avoiding triggers, these are obviously easier to control within the safety of my own home, but impossible when I am outdoors.

I hardly ever go outdoors, I tend to only go out when it is for a necessity like going to the Doctors, Psychologist, Hospital and then I need my partner or family member to accompany me to keep me safe and to intervene in the event of me having a Psychological episode. I can on very rare occasions manage a trip out to the countryside as long as it is a wide open space and there is nobody else about and I can see any perceived threats well in advance and I am able to escape and get back to the car / home quickly. I have become totally disengaged from society; I cut all ties with friends and former work colleagues many years ago. When i am outdoors If I am confronted with a possible social interaction my brain starts racing at a million miles an hour, I convince myself they are going to ask me personal questions which will cause me distress, my brain starts running through conversations before they have taken place, it becomes sheer manic and panic, trust me when I say it is pure trauma. When I get home, the only way I can deal with this “psychological distress” is to start self harming and deflect my emotional trauma into a physical trauma as a distraction to escape my thoughts. It is hell.

I worry about these changes to disability benefits, not just for myself, but for people like me who suffer from debilitating mental health disorders who rely on the assistance of others and the welfare state in order to try and live an independent life. I think of last week’s terrorist attack where people who up until that awful day, might have lived a very ordinary healthy life and through no fault of their own, some person through this evil act of terror, has totally derailed their life for the rest of their lives and left them suffering with severe Psychological Trauma and a disorder. The physical injuries may heal but the mental trauma can often be much more difficult to treat. I hope that these people get all the Psychological support that they need to try and prevent a long term disorder, but I worry because I know firsthand just how hard it is to access mental health services through the NHS and even then when you can access it, it is severely rationed. I know what it is like to live with these conditions and the long term disabling effect it can have. I think people need to think about that, because if any of these people are left with a psychological disorder because of this terrorist attack and they end up needing the support of another person when outdoors because of “psychological distress” they will not be entitled to PIP Mobility component under the new legislation.

Tim Farron and the Liberal Democrats have submitted a prayer motion in order to try and reverse these changes to PIP legislation. There is only 7 days left in order to get the debate in parliament and hopefully a vote to reverse this decision. I urge all LDV readers to contact their MP and ask them to sign this motion.

If Theresa May and this Tory Government are serious about parity of esteem between physical and mental health, they would reverse this unfair discriminatory legislation that is going to leave thousands of people suffering from debilitating mental health without the vital support they need.

* Matt is a reader of Liberal Democrat Voice who, because of the intensely personal details included in this post is not using his full name.

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Posted by Mike Smithson

How will the BREXIT Tories do now?

After their extraordinary gain of a by-election seat from LAB in Copeland we have heard very little of the blue team’s prospects in Manchester Gorton which is expected to take place on May 4th. Yet as the panel shows the Tories got very close to victory in the seat in 1967.

No one is suggesting that the Tories have any chance whatsoever. The result from 1967 and what we know about the area now highlights the huge demographic changes that have taken place in the UK generally and specifically in this part of Manchester. In the 60s Manchester had 9 MPs, five LAB and four CON. No more. This has been a no-go area for the blues for a long time

In November 1967 the UK was going through considerable financial upheaval and just over two weeks after the by-election the pound was devalued from the dizzy heights of $2.80 to to $2.40 – a fall of 14%. Wilson’s “the pound in your pocket” broadcast has gone down as one of the defining political moments of the decade.

The Tories were led by Ted Heath who two and a half years later pulled off one of the biggest political surprises in recent times achieving something that is unique on modern British political history. A party that had a working Commons majority was replaced with Heath’s Tories that had working Commons majority. In the changes of government in 1951, 1964, 1974, 1979, 1997 and 2010 either the outgoing party didn’t have a working majority or the incoming one didn’t achieve one.

It was the 1970-74 Heath government that took us into what was then called the Common Market. There was no referendum. That came in 1975 when Harold Wilson was trying to deal with the splits in his own party.

Alas Heath’s achievements are now viewed by the Tories in much the same way that the LAB movement views Tony Blair.

Mike Smithson

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He's both the sharpest tool AND two spanners short

Stob  Are you lolling dolefully? Then I'll continue. The TV show Mr. Robot deals with the life and adventures of Elliot Alderson, a twenty-something New York devop and cyber-vigilante. He and his circle of chums, seeking to inflict revenge on a mega-corporation for a hushed-up industrial accident, stumble towards bringing e-civilisation to a sticky end.…

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Posted by Rob May

You can read part 1 here.

You were up against a well-supported, well-known and well-funded opponent in Zac Goldsmith, how did you win?

I was very lucky. I won’t deny it. I had the full Lib Dem by-election machine behind me. Because we thought we could win, they decided to really go for it. I had a group of people who knew what they were doing. They built a fabulous team and mobilised all those volunteers. I was very fortunate to have that support.

We were also able to fundraise. This was important, as we managed to neutralise Zac Goldsmith’s advantage over us. You would think finances would be his huge advantage, but there is only a certain amount you are allowed to spend, and, through fundraising, we were able to spend as much as he was.

It was so important to have all those thousands of volunteers descend to Richmond Park. They pounded the pavements. They delivered leaflets and canvassed. There is no substitute for doing all the door-to-door work over many weeks. I was so so lucky that so many people came and helped.

I think Zac helped too by running his own not so good campaign. And having run that mayoral campaign, it did put a lot of people off.

Are you not missing something?

Am I? What?

I feel you are being rather modest. As important as those you’ve just mentioned may be, you were the candidate, and the public voted for the person standing. What do you feel you brought to the campaign?

It’s really difficult for me to say for two reasons. Firstly, it’s never easy to be objective about yourself. Secondly, I have no experience of any other previous campaign. This is the first parliamentary campaign I’ve been involved in. I do not have a frame of reference as to how much impact the candidate has. I guess I must have been a positive influence in some way. I think it may have something to do with being the non-political politician, if you know what I mean. I don’t feel I’m the right person to ask about the impact I personally had.

Some people revel in talking about themselves!

Not me.

Did you expect to win?

I had a funny feeling we might, but I had that from when the by-election was called. At that time, there was no reason whatsoever to think we would win. We always knew there was a chance, a road to victory, if we just kept getting the leaflets out and pushing it as much as possible. If we did that, we knew we could win. The campaign team were tracking the numbers as they went through. Sometimes they shared them with me, sometimes not. So throughout, we always knew there was a possibility we could win. It wasn’t like it dawned on us at midnight on polling day. I was sitting in my living room watching the coverage on the tele. That was when I realised we probably had won.

Were you prepared when you won on that night?

No. I wasn’t remotely prepared. Not just because I was an accountant when elected, but I had very little experience in the field of politics. I hadn’t been a councillor, never worked around parliament, never worked in a public policy or PR role and had no lobbying experience. I had none of those experiences to draw upon. I’m still trying to figure out how it all fits together and the role of an MP within that.

In a way, it’s an advantage. I haven’t come in with an expectation of what an MP is supposed to do. I haven’t, for example, crossed the floor from being a lobbyist to being an MP and haven’t responded to lobbyists the way that they expect to be responded to. As an MP, I’m a blank slate. I’m learning as I go along.

So your lack of experience is working for as well as against you?

I think so. I get many responses from people who say they voted for me or like me because I am a bit of a fresh face. They feel they can relate to me more because I’m a normal person who’s gone into politics rather than a politician, and that does work quite well. Obviously, there’s a limit. At some point, people’s expectations of their MPs need to be fulfilled, so I do need to figure out quite quickly what those are.

In his speech to Conference yesterday, introducing you, Nick Clegg said it was the most remarkable by-election victory he’d ever known. He also lauded you personally. How did praise like that feel coming from someone with the stature of Nick?

I was watching my toes curl as I sat there. I find it difficult to listen to people saying that kind of thing. It is nice. I’m obviously very flattered. As I say, I have no frame of reference. I haven’t sat in the hall and listened to other by-election candidates being applauded before.

But when somebody who was the Deputy Prime Minister and one of the most successful leaders of the party in history, says that about you, someone who wasn’t even involved in politics two years ago, it must be almost surreal?

It is very strange. I think that’s one of the things I’m struggling with because everything has happened so fast. I’m still putting one foot in front of the other. I’m yet to be able to step back and look at the wider picture. So when Nick says that, it’s like ‘That’s just Nick, my new colleague, the guy I sit next to in the Commons.’ That’s what I think. Not ‘Oh my God, that’s Nick Clegg, the former Deputy PM.’ It just doesn’t work on that level. It’s more like ‘Thanks Nick, that’s nice of you!’

Did you thank him afterwards?

I don’t think I saw him afterwards. I was whisked away for selfies and various other things.


(To be continued tomorrow.)

* Rob May is a Political History PhD student and Lib Dem activist.

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Posted by Waone Setya

Pernah disepelekan waktu perdana kali ada selanjutnya pertengahan 2014 yang sebelumnya, saat ini Datsun GO Panca jadi menjelma jadi satu diantara kendaraan LCGC yang paling disukai umum. Walau penjualannya belum dapat melebihi model LCGC tiga baris Datsun GO+, tetapi versus small hatchback besutan mobil andalan Datsun ini masih sama dapat mengambil pandangan di tengah-tengah boomingnya mobil berjenis LCGC. Datsun GO Panca sendiri sepertinya ada sesudah Datsun menghadirkan pilihan Datsun GO+ yang mempunyai ruang unggul panjang. 

Keberhasilan pilihan Datsun GO+ menjadikan Datsun yakin diri kepada menerbitkan pilihan keduanya. Dengan cara historis, nama Datsun sepertinya lumayan miliki histori manis di jagat otomotif Tanah air. Datsun pernah terkenal di Tanah Air karena pilihan pikap Datsun 620 serta pula sedan Datsun 120Y yang dahulu begitu ikonik yang menjadi "sedan drag". Datsun GO Panca sendiri pula di kenal oleh nama Datsun GO Panca, mengacu tenaga tampung mobil itu yang dapat menyimpan optimal 5 orang. Serupa misal versus low MPV Datsun GO+ yang pernah belum disukai umum, malah saat ini versus hatchback ini makin menununjukkan prestasinya oleh jadi satu diantara pilihan LCGC terlaris di Tanah Air. 

Dua mobil terjangkau yang di tawarkan Datsun segera oleh cepat memperoleh reaksi positif, dimana th. perdana tujuan 40. 000 daya jual segera dapat terwujud. Terkecuali karena kiat promosi yang pas tujuan oleh intensitas lumayan tetras, satu diantara aspek yang memengaruhi pesatnya daya jual Datsun GO Panca serta pula GO+ merupakan mutunya yang makin teruji. Dari versus hatchback serta low MPV yang dikenalkan dengan Datsun sesungguhnya sepertinya tidak mempunyai ketidaksamaan komposisi ruangan mesin yang bermakna. Datsun GO Panca versus hatchback atau Panca ini masih sama mengadopsi mesin Datsun model HR12DE yang disebut mesin berdaya 1200 cc. Kepada berukuran kendaraan LCGC, mesin itu sepertinya lumayan bertenaga sebab dapat memuntahkan power optimal berkapasitas 68 PS selanjutnya putaran mesin 5. 000 rpm serta torsi berkapasitas 104 Nm selanjutnya 4. 000 rpm. 

Terkecuali lumayan bertenaga, keunggulan lain yang dipunyai dengan mesin Datsun GO Panca ini merupakan mengkonsumsi bahan bakarnya yang termasuk begitu hemat. Datsun sendiri menghadirkan tiga versus GO, yaitu versus biasa saja atau Datsun GO Panca T, sebelumnya terdapat berjenis GO T-Option, dan paling akhir GO T-Active yang disebut versus paling tetras. Dengan cara khusus, sesungguhnya basis mesin ketiga pilihan Datsun GO Panca itu masih sama serupa. Ketidaksamaannya cuma terdapat selanjutnya spek interior serta feature pelengkapnya saja. Kepada spek interiornya, Datsun GO Panca sepertinya tawarkan kelengkapan feature seumpama feature drive-side airbags, speed sensitive power steering, smart wiper, pedal akselerasi elektronik, serta banyak sekali lagi feature yang lain. Nah penasaran oleh kwalitas sebenarnya besutan mobil buatan Datsun ini kan? Tidak butuh berlama-lama sekali lagi, segera lihat penjelasan dalam hal spek serta bandrol Datsun GO Panca selanjutnya segmen-segmen berikut ini! 

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Posted by Waone Setya

Tabel angsuran credit mobil Datsun Go+ ini tentunya akan jadi hal yang dibutuhkan di samping spek dan bandrol mobil Datsun Go+. Pasalnya, opsi kepada beli mobil ini oleh langkah mencicil betul-betul disenangi dengan banyak pihak mengingat oleh cara itu tidak sekali lagi mengganggu keuangan atau tidak butuh siapkan uang dalam jumlah besar. Misal di kenali, selanjutnya bln. Mei ini Datsun Go+ telah resmi diluncurkan oleh bandrol yang betul-betul terjangkau. Pula bandrol mobil Datsun Go+ ini sepertinya paling terjangkau kepada MPV oleh kursi penumpang beberapa 7 orang oleh konfigurasi 5+2. Oke, Selain itu mari kita lihat tabel angsuran credit mobil ini selengkap-lengkapnya dalam artikel ini. 

Mobil Datsun Go+ datang oleh 5 type yang tak serupa, Datsun Go+ yang anyar diluncurkan ini bisa disebutkan yang menjadi Datsun Go+ Panca. Saat ini Terdapat oleh bandrol berawal besutan 85 juta hingga 102, 9 juta rupiah, Datsun Go+ ini jadi incaran famili Tanah air. Tidak cuma bandrol yang betul-betul terjangkau, Datsun Go+ pula memiliki design yang betul-betul kokoh dan sporty. Design yang dinamis ini akan impresif pandangan umum dan bikinnya semakin menawan. 

Kepada bandrol Datsun Go+ sendiri, mungkin bisa beralih setiap waktu. Pula, saat launching selanjutnya 8 Mei 2014 tempo hari diterangkan sebenarnya masih sama terdapat peluang kepada revisi bandrol mobil Datsun Go+, dengan sebab itu kita memberi gambaran umum dalam hal tabel angsuran credit mobil Datsun Go+ ini akan disediakan oleh bandrol yang sedikit tak serupa.


Mar. 28th, 2017 06:46 am
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Posted by Tim Worstall

Which is where the real problem is in this demand that women’s household work be included in GDP.
No, not that it violates economic principles, rather, that your mother, who conceived, carried, bore, suckled, trained you and even now drops hints wondering when the grandchildren will arrive, you’ve now got to go and tell her that all those years of her labour are valued at about what a rickshaw driver gets a month.
It’s easier just to say that including household labour in GDP violates some economic principle or other, isn’t it?

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Posted by Tim Worstall

An antique cookbook from 1793 listing a recipe for curry was discovered by monks, and now budding chefs will have the chance to try the dish at home.
The book, which contains the oldest oldest known recipe for an English curry as well as other Georgian-era recipes, is to be turned into a modern day cookery book.
The unusual book was found in the archives of a Benedictine monastery and painstakingly transcribed.

Yes, of course, Downside.

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Posted by Tim Worstall

So, teach evolution earlier and in more detail. Why not?

But it would be about more than learning why our bodies are the way they are. We would become better, more caring, citizens of Earth if we were reminded each day of our animal heritage. A daily reminder that we must play by the same laws of the universe as any other creature; that we can’t take, take, take from nature and expect infinite reward, because nothing comes from nothing.

For that’s the most significant manner in which we differ from the other products of that shared evolution. We manage that nature, that environment, greatly increasing the productive capacity in a manner that really no other animal does.

Think it though for a moment, we’ve escaped the Malthusian trap. We are all, entirely voluntarily, limiting our reproduction and holding species size well below the available food supply. This is, remarkably, more true the greater the food supply too – a larger food supply is synonymous with higher GDP and fertility is most definitely negatively linked to that.

The whole point about humans is that in this very sense, the abstraction from nature, we don’t play by the same rules as other animals. He’s entirely missed the point.


Mar. 28th, 2017 05:57 am
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Posted by Tim Worstall

My learning disability doesn’t mean I should be paid less. I’m furious
Ismail Kaji

Of course we should not make fun of the afflicted. That is reserved for those who are stupid and or malevolent like Spud, not those who are truly afflicted. But…

Less than 6% of people with learning disabilities who are known to social services are in employment, but many more can work, and want to do so.


The biggest barriers we face are negative attitudes and the idea that learning disabled people are not capable of work, or that it will be too time-consuming to employ them, or it will cost the company a lot of money.

So reduce one of those barriers maybe?

Below the line we get some marvelous Graudianista:

No one should be paid less due to any form of physical and or mental health disability or illness

Rent/ mortgage,food,transport etc etc etc is the same price for everyone or have I missed something?


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Posted by Tim Worstall

Norway, the happiest country in the world? I’m not so sure
Daniel Simonsen

Yes, yes, they are. Because despite appearances, proximity and similarity they are also absolutely sure that they are not Swedish.

Quite so

Mar. 28th, 2017 05:42 am
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Posted by Tim Worstall

Cameron’s legislation has not happened, and there’s a simple reason; encryption is a binary. Either something is encrypted, and thus secure from everyone, or it’s not. As the security expert Bruce Schneier has written: “I can’t build an access technology that only works with proper legal authorisation, or only for people with a particular citizenship or the proper morality. The technology just doesn’t work that way. If a backdoor exists, then anyone can exploit it.”

That’s the crux of the problem. While you can legislate to only give state agencies access to terrorists’ communications, and with proper oversight and authorisation, you cannot actually build encryption that works like that. If you put a backdoor in, it’s there not just for security services to exploit, but for cyber-criminals, oppressive regimes and anyone else.

There is no way around this. Either we can say that end to end encryption is legal or that it is illegal. There is no way to have it being legal but not really encryption…..

Spesifikasi dan Harga HIlux S-Cab

Mar. 27th, 2017 09:26 pm
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Posted by Waone Setya

 Pick up anyar besutan Toyota pada akhirnya launching. Setela kehadiran besutan mobil sekelasnya, katakan saja All New Triton besutan mitsubishi serta keluaran anyar besutan ford ranger, saat ini giiran toyota oleh All New Hilux, yang disebut pilihan pick up elegan besutan toyota serie double cabin/single cabin. Pastinya oleh sekian, komplitlah telah persaingan dalam jagat otomotif tanah air, yang mana ketiganya mempunyai kelebihan tidak tidak jauh. Keduanya sama di atur kepada seluruh medan, elegan itu halus ataupun terjal.

Tetapi selanjutnya peluang ini kita bakal membahas unggul lanjut dalam hal suksessor besutan Toyota Hilux versus Double Cabin serta single cabin, yang memperoleh banyak sentuhan elegan nan berkelas berawal besutan sektor muka atau bumper yang didapatkan sentuhan agresive, membuatnya nampak unggul gagah dibanding beberapa waktu lalu. Ditambang meblem toyota memiliki ukuran besar yang diletakkan di sektor tengah grille, makin memberi nuansa tidak sama besutan selanjutnya yang lain, yang mencitrakan yang menjelaskan dianya adalah hasil inovasi anyar besutan toyota.

Terkecuali segi eksterior, lini interior pula di model dalam penampilan pick up usaha komersial yang senantiasa memerhatikan sampai penampilan detil paling kecil. Maka menumbuhkan rasa nyaman berlebihan bagi stiap pemakainya. Tidak lupa feature hiburan yang di dukung kecanggihan terbaru, menjadikan berkendara bakal merasa unggul mengasyikkan serta tentunya unggul seru di banding berjenis mobil sekelasnya. Tak samapai disitu saja, kepada lengkapi ke-2 sektor itu, di bidang mesin tidak luput besutan pandangan beberapa pakar di dalam lingkup toyota.

Baca juga : harga mobil toyota terbaru

Yang mana inovasi kecanggihan terbaru berbentuk mesin diesel D-4D serta Bensin 2. 0 kepada versus single cabin, ini membuktikan dapat memberi apa yang pemakai kehendaki, berawal besutan tenaga powerfull serta angka torsi yang tetras, akan menanggung pemakai kepada dapat memperoleh pengalaman anyar masalah berkendara dalam melalui seluruh medan. Segi kemanan yang di usungnya pula termasuk komplit, serta kepada tahu apa sajakah yang dipunyai dengan inovasi anyar besutan toyota ini,

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Posted by Waone Setya

 Spek Serta Bandrol Mobil Toyota Hilux. Mobil Toyota hilux yang di keluarkan dengan Toyota jadi mobil unggulan serta jadi kompetitor besutan model Mitsubishi strada, model mobil berjenis pick up ini merupakan mobil pengangkut barang yang handal, sebab dapat ngangkut muatan oleh berukuran optimal. Serta tangguh melalui ruang bobot, ini merupakan bukti besutan mobil Toyota ini.

Bandrol serta Spek Versus Toyota Hilux Yang Dirilis
Toyota meluncurkan mobil oleh dua model yakni model double Cab D-Cab serta Sigle Cab, semua mempunyai kemampuan semasing. Kepada model double cab D-cab mempunyai mesin 2. 982 cc oleh berjenis mesin 16 valve DOHC D-4D serta oleh penggerak ganda 4 WD, sementara itu kepada tenaga putar meraih 163 PS selanjutnya 3. 400 rpm serta mempunyai mesin disel oleh bahan bahan bakar solar.

Sementara itu kepada spek mobil Toyota hilux model Single cab mempunyai mesin nyaris serupa oleh model double cab D-cab, cuma saya model ini mempunyai tipe mesin 16 valve DOHC 2, 0 VVT-I serta memakai bahan bakar pertamax. Kepada berukuran baknya mempunyai berukuran lumayan ukuran yakni 1. 980 mm (panjang), 1. 520 mm (lebar), serta 450 mm (tetras) maka dapat berisi kargo kepada jumlah besar.

Baca juga : harga mobil toyota terbaru

Keunggulan besutan mobil Toyota hilux terkecuali mempunyai kemampuan yang tanggung dalam soal muatan barang ini sebab mobil di desain sedemikian wujud oleh ground clereance yang tetras maka dapat bertahan di medan bobot, namun pula oleh tampilan luar mobil yang di model spesial menghadirkan mobil berkelas serta bisa berkompetisi oleh mobil-mobil yang lain yang berkelas.

Serta yang terutama merupakan kenyamanan waktu mengendarai, oleh seluruh feature selanjutnya mobil misal dashboard serta setir yang sudah di model senyaman mungkin saja kepada mengemudi serta kepada berukuran kabin pula ukuran maka mobil bakal makin nyaman. Besutan semuanya kelebihan mobil ini, bandrol yang di tawarkan besutan Toyota hilux yakni : Hilux pick up chasis bensin new = Rp. 143, 5 juta, Hiluv pick up 4×2 STD M/T bensin new = Rp. 150, 5 juta, Hilux pick up STD diesel new 4×2 M/T = Rp. 159, 7 juta, Hilux double cabin E diesel new = Rp. 312, 5 juta, Hilux double cabin G diesel new = Rp. 331, 7 Juta.

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Mar. 27th, 2017 10:27 pm
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I get to toy with being a living example of the Peter Principle at work.
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Posted by Anthony Wells

Tonight we’ve something we something unusual: a voting intention poll from Gfk. Topline figures are CON 41%, LAB 28%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 12%, GRN 6%. Fieldwork was between the 1st March and 15th March, so this is would have been partially before the budget, but it’s nice to have some figures from a different source.

Gfk are the successor company to NOP, who they bought out way back in 2005 (also, as far as I can see, the last time we had a NOP voting intention poll – before 2005 they polled for the Independent, called the general election spot on and then got their contract cancelled). Today’s poll has very little in common methodologically with 2005 of course, that was still the era of telephone polling, today’s poll was conducted online and is weighted by stand demogs, past vote, Brexit vote and political engagement.

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