Nov. 4th, 2005

Hmm. First, I said I'd never get one. Then, I made one with the intention of mostly using the account for commenting. Then, I got a bit carried away and started posting regularly, using it to arrange weekends away, meeting up with people and even, at times, following the news.

I discovered LF-feeds and filtered friends page views, I kept on adding people, and even started adding people I didn't know who interested me. Even more weirdly, people started adding me who I didn't know, they actually find me interesting! Weird.

I've got back in contact with old friends I haven't seen for years, I've crossed the country on the strength of something I've heard about on here, I've even had a brief fling with someone I mostly communicated with via LJ. And I've paid for my account, and regularly add more RSS feed accounts using the paid features.

Obsessed? Moi? I think not. Only, um, it's getting to the point where I'm talking my friends into setting up LJs so I can keep in touch with them, it's just so much easier. Obsessed? Um, maybe.

Essentially, LJ isn't cool because of what you post, or what people comment on your journal. It's cool because of the friends page. I can spend entire evenings just trawling LJ. I'll be honest, that sometimes scares me. Fun though.

So, my journal is over a year old. It's got me back involved in politics, it prompted me to set up a 'proper' weblog, and it's created a huge source of time sinking procrastination. It's even got me laid. I think the last part is the scariest bit...
Manic at Bloggerheads has a new campaign. Being the person that a) got Boris blogging and b) got Blair listed as top 'liar' in Google, I reckon it's worth joining in.

All she did was assault her boyfriend, that's domestic violence that is.

Oh, she works for Murdoch. Anyone noticed I don't like Murdoch much?
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