Nov. 5th, 2005

So, who's Moneypenny then? )
Blame [ profile] dudeulike who got it from [ profile] n0wheregirl. The italic text was inserted by me to make the grammar look right, and the table coding was redone so it didn't break the display. Absolute table sizes, the coders on that site deserve to be shot.

It has, however, reminded me to link to Jonny's post here about the Mi6 website, it did amuse me.

In a slightly better mood than this morning, 8.20am wake ups on my day off never put me in a good frame of mind.
[ profile] susannah_banana prompted me into trying this online test. Made me think (a lot), and it's rather good.

Right-click to saveBattleground Analysis


You have been awarded the TPM medal of distinction! This is our second highest award for outstanding service on the intellectual battleground.

Try it. After you have, feel free to look at my results, here, I took one hit and bit one bullet, and the hit was a 50/50 undecided answer anyway.

[ profile] nadriel tells me he did less well. Advantages of committed atheism ;-)
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