Nov. 22nd, 2005

Everyone remember Harriet the very old tortoise I linked to awhileback? Well, courtesy of [ profile] theweaselking again, we have a very cool pic of her birthday cake, she's now 176. How cool is that?

Slashdot tells us that Microsoft is submitting Office to standards meaning other manufacturers will be able to write software that creats .doc and .xls files. That has to be a good thing, even this non-techie can see that when the default standard is proprietary then competition isn't working. Oh, in unrelated news, Texas sues Sony BMG for spyware violations, that rootkit from awhileback is hurting them more and more. They still hang people in Texas I'm told...

Oh yeah, the kid that can't act (really, he can't, it's awful) is now the richest kid in Britain. Does anyone want me to write up a review of the film from a non-fans perspective?
I was trawling LJ maintenence, and someone linked to this:

The top half is all the recent comments on your journal, but the bottom half is all the comments you yourself have made, all in one simple place. Useful when notify emails aren't working due to LJ's server switchover.

Oh look, 6.19am. Methinks I'm going to be dead at work today, and then collapse this evening. Short of nuclear war, don't ring/text me tonight? Thanks muchly.
Ok, [ profile] ollyb linked to this, I'd signe up already (there was an auto sign up on Write to them), but, well, it's a great idea and while the two neighbouring constituencies are half way there already, Torbay has only got 3 people so far.

Wait, a thought occurs; the last two times I emailed Adrian, I got a reply within 12 hours. It's still a good idea, even if our MP is pretty good at keeping in touch. I'll pimp it out there anyway. Go sign up regardless.

Oh yeah, question regarding [ profile] metaquotes Poll on me randomly quoting people )
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