Nov. 23rd, 2005

Leo Blair that is.

Large flash animation, 4.8mb. Worth it, even for dial up, unless for some reason you think Blair's a good Prime Minister, in which case, well, I despair.

Another funny from [ profile] bloggerheads

G'night all.
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Haven't done it for a few months, so, well, I was bored. Besides, it may help settle an argument.
Received today at work from a colleague:

I'm desperately searching for an animal lover, trying to help a
friend get rid of the last 3 of a litter of kittens.

She lives close to the Glen Rose nuclear power plant. Please
look and see if any of these little guys touch your heart.

We really need to find a good home for them. Thanks so much for
your help
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I don't play the game, but at least it knows I'm not an Elf.

Which muppet... )
Right... That's, um, accurate.
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