Nov. 26th, 2005

It's patchy, sometimes I get something, other times Ihave no idea. The recent comments link is great, and now bookmarked, but I miss getting everything in my inbox almost immediately.

I hope they fix whatever problems they're still having, I'm having problems setting up some feeds as well. Bored though, I'm stomping everyone in the Civ game I'm playing, I think I need to up the difficulty for the next game. Ah well...
Must read [ profile] boingboing_feed more often.
/\/0 7R35P455!/\/6 )

Both from another Worthy contest. Lots of pics on that page, takes awhile to load for us dial-uppers...

I've been making new filters and adding more blogfeeds (again). I really do like the LJ syndication features, RSS readers take an age to load feeds on dial up.
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Known to post items of interest on occasions. More likely to link to interesting stuff. Sometimes talks about stuff he's done. Occasionally posts recipes for good food. Planning to get married, at some point. Enjoying life in Yorkshire.

Likes comments. Especially likes links. Loves to know where people came from and what they were looking for. Mostly posts everything publicly. Sometimes doesn't. Hi.

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