May. 16th, 2006

I hate being ill. I think I may have mentioned that already, I'll shut up now.

Barely slept, coughing constantly, no energy — yup, I've got Man Flu. Overdosing on lemsip isn't helping. Downloaded Semagic, the edit friends groups isn't much better than the web interface, so I've given up on that project out of boredom for now.

On the subject of boredon though; Breakout online. Very silly, but, meh, it kills time. Just downloaded a shareware version of Arkanoid. Because someone linked to a history of video games and I couldn't resist Googling. Have been reading the Flem archives. Jay Grant is sick. But we all new that anyway.

I'd say g'night, but I suspect I'm not going to sleep, so no point really.
OK. Did anyone else know that [ profile] shakalooloo has existed for over a month now, and he's updating regularly?

Laurence! You're supposed to click the "add friend" thing, go forth and comment, let people know you're here, etc. In the meantime, everyone that knows him should go say hello. That's at least 1/4 of my f-list by all accounts.

For the benefits of the loon; click on the person icon next to a username, it takes you to their profile page, at the top is , once you've done that enough, then your 'friends' page becomes the most important bit. It also means you can read old protected entries on journals.

Still, that's one more off that little list of people to force to sign up for this thing.

Yes, still off work. Didn't sleep last night, finally dosed off at about 8am, to get a phonecall from work at 9.40am. Boss needed to know some answers. Next time I know I'm not going in in the early hours, I'll ring leave a message on the answerphone.
OK, for those not aware, the BBC invited Guy Kearney to discuss the Apple court case. Instead however, the producer went to the wrong place, called his name out, and a certain Guy Goma got up. Times and Mail versions of story, and YouTube video.

At first, the story was it was the cabbie due to collect him. It now turns out Mr Goma is actually a "data cleansing expert" there for a job interview; he thought the recording studio was part of the interview process. It's so funny, even William Gibson is posting to his blog about it. Best bit? The producer had previously looked at Guy Kearney's website. Mr Kearney is, noticeably, white. Mr Goma is distinctly not. You really would have thought they'd have twigged a little earlier.


[ profile] nhw writes book reviews, amongst other things. He's also got a vote in the Hugo awards (Swainston for the Campbell Nick, you know it, the world knows it). I don't recall now which one of us friended the other first, I've been aquiring 'politics' LJ a lot last few months. So. Why do we care?

This is an interesting (and negative) review of John Scalzi's Old Man's War which is nominated. I read it soon after it was posted. Thing is, Mr Scalzi is also [ profile] scalzi. He wrote a rather long, and very civil, rebuttal on a number of points of the review in the comments, and also on his blog here. Based on Nick's review, I'd have possibly actually picked the book up, because the premise intrigued me. Now I definately want to read it, because, well, that sort of debate between reviewer, author, publisher (see comments on Scalzi's blog entry) and assorted fans is simply very very cool.

Constructive, involving, civil and useful. Nick's written a follow up here. Spoiler warnings throughout, but spoilers never really bother me.

Now, if we can get politicians to properly engage in such a manner, then democracy still has hope. Yup, Mat the hopeless idealist strikes again. I love the Internet.

Addenda: [ profile] jantshira? Swainston is up for the John W. Campbell 'best newcomer' award. Just in case you didn't know. Also, do you still have either/both of Year of our War/No Present like Time? Only my father managed to donate a pile of books to charity, including some of the ones I'd loaned him. Yup, that's right, my father gave books away without first asking me if I wanted them. He didn't realise he had any of my books. This included my copy of Jennifer Government and 2 (unknown) others. Not a happy boy when I found out.
It's [ profile] granjero's fault. He asked me if I'd got anywhere with TaKtiX. I hadn't, I've been meaning to figure out the coding issues for ages, but haven't. Stuff the coding issues. It's live.

It's already got 6 new signed up columnists. Stuff about TaKtiX, my gamer blogging site ) That's without putting any effort in. Also, more page views in 6 hours than I get in 2 days at the political blog. With almost no content. But everyone is very keen, and let's face it, the interface is incredibly easy. The things I do when I'm ill.

I was supposed to be writing an article on the Human Rights Act. Or the Constitution. Or the Legislateive and Regulatory (abolish Parliament) bill.

[ profile] theweaselking? Would you be interested in writing a bit of Doomtown content?
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