Dec. 3rd, 2006

my stats Ah. Oops. See, I went to Exeter today, [ profile] granjero organised a Warlord tournament at Steve's. Took my phone with me, with my email and the login page for Infection bookmarked. Unfortunately, could only check between each, hour long, round. But an infection round is, um, 35 minutes currently (it was an hour when I signed up). Oops. [ profile] mapp noticed and texted me, but I got the text a bit too late (reception at Steve's is awful) and logged in just as I died. Bugger. Worst bit? team stats The team's dropping like flies as well. 13 members left out of 100? Ouch. Still, an interesting idea for an LJ based game, and it can work. I suspect when this game is over, the next one will have less players, but be more organised. Being able to set a sleep mode is essential, but an 'away' mode might be useful, and possible a weekdays only mode. Ah well.

The tournament? I borrowed a deck from Chris. New Merc Warlord, interesting idea, but as Chris said, not at all tuned and in need of some work. Huge turnout from the Barnstable lads, bugger all from Exeter, just 4 of us. Still, a good day. Went up to campus to see if there was anything worth doing at GeekSoc, but no, everyone playing bloody RPGs. Need to work on that a bit, never going to keep new members if there's no one available for pick-up games. Anyone up to doing something next week?

I'm in a bit of a 'meh' mood at the moment. Off to see the lawyers tomorrow morning, hopefully be able to talk about it openly tomorrow evening. Have no plans for Xmas, no plans for New Years. Am thinking family for Xmas, London for New Years; any Londoners got any specific plans made?
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