Feb. 15th, 2007

Can't sleep, at all, so instead you get an insomnia fueled ramble. Not sure if the PC now being at the end of the bed in the new place is a good thing or not, I liked having a desk in a separate room, ah well...

Getting back into writing again, hopefully. )

Y'see, something worries me. It's a bit of a rambling worry, but, well, bear with me.

Remember Mr Blair's Big Tent?

Big tents and partizanship )

So, what am I worried about?

Duverger, the Stupid Party and The Project )

Too big a landslide caused Labour's problems

Lack of genuine reform means the day to day issues are worse )

What if the Tories get a landslide?

The Tories could actually win, on their own *gulp* )

My ideal results... )

Anyway, back to [livejournal.com profile] voting_taktix, and me being part of a team. I need one. No experience necessary, but an interest in freedom would help )
Anyone want to help?  No commitments required.  Honest.
[livejournal.com profile] a_sanders_myspc went to the Brit Award ceremony in his role as a Culture, Media & Sport Committee member. He's completely right about one of the headline acts:
The Killers were great, Snow Patrol impressed, and Oasis were… well many describe Oasis as a great rock n' roll band; to me they are just a wall of sound fronted by a couple of plonkers.
Never could stand em, and I lived in Manchester when they were getting big. Blur, now they were a good indy pop rock band. Oasis were just Beatles wannabes...

In other news, I've got a bit of coding to do, and I've got stuff planned this afternoon/evening. Tomorrow I'm driving back to Devon to collect more stuff (and also see some people), so I might be offline till late Sunday. Might be. Knowing me I'll end up changing all my plans, but, y'know.
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