Aug. 3rd, 2007

K, I've mentioned several times, and I've had my 'replacement' site set up for ages anyway. But, y'know, other things to do, etc. Never had the impetus, or the reason. Well, guess what? LJ have deleted a bunch of accounts again )

The law in the US is fairly clear on the point though, they had little choice )

So I'm going to use my upgrading hosting package to set up my own site )

Anyone wanting to help out welcome )

So, beta testers useful when I've got it installed. Others thinking of jumping ship and self hosting+cross posting also welcome. Others using Wordpress for other things are invited to help out the codebase, suggest useful plugins, etc.

I've been putting this off for two damn long. [ profile] eclexys and [ profile] johnwordsworth both prove you can maintain an LJ as well as a WP powered blog, and there are many plugins that could make lives even easier for them.

[1] I'm exhausted anyway, didn't sleep at all well last night, so I'm not going to Inferno this evening, I've been ill on and off all week so I'll stay in and relax.

Oh yeah, they've made the Message Centre almost usable, although the removal of links to pages beyond the first is annoying.
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