Jan. 19th, 2008

[livejournal.com profile] absinthecity has done the new US version of the Who Should I Vote For quiz, and has results similar to but not identical to mine:
Who should you vote for?
Mike Gravel63
Dennis Kucinich54
Barack Obama27
John Edwards3
Hillary Clinton-21
You expected: Dennis Kucinich
Your recommendation: Mike Gravel
Mike Gravel Bio—nice touch )
It's appears to be a lot less biased than the 2005 UK version that I wrote an analysis of back then, curious that both Abs and I both get negative scores for Hilary, it confirms that I am very opposed to her on the issues but I pretty much knew that already. Question is, are the issues selected and the weight given to them fair to each candidate? The problem with the previous version was the policies selected and the weight given them, made it very unlikely to get a Labour result. So is our mutual negative for Hilary because she's a really bad candidate with daft policies, or is it because her good policies aren't options? Any USians (especially Hilary fans) care to give it a go and tell me?
Bootnotes: might as well do the other two versions.
Republican )
Independent/undecided )
Last night, Jennie and I went to see Aliens Vs Predator-Requiem, for a full review including a few minor spoilers, her review is here, and while I agree with her, my review is slightly more succint: it's shit. Pretty, and vaguely entertaining shit, and a bunch of you will love it for the gore and the fight scenes, but the plot was arse, the idea poorly implemented and the dénoument was piss poor. Fun, but arse.

In completely other unrelated, [livejournal.com profile] harlotqueen took his camera for a walk around Exeter and has a nice little photo blog post with some cool pics of my old town. I've also never seen the weir that high, and I really like his cityscape by twilight.
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