Dec. 11th, 2010

Goldeneye was a reason to actually buy an N64 thirteen years ago. I didn't, but a good friend did (my former boss). We spent hours playing that game. A bunch of us would regularly decamp to his house and spend the evening shooting each other in the back. I was crap at it. Really, really, crap at it.

Jennie is pretty much housebound for the next few weeks. My parents have wired me money for Xmas presents early, knowing that we'll have some cash flow issues. I bought a 2nd hand Wii with some of it as our old one is broken. This has proven to be a very good decision. Of the games we have, Worms has proven to be the most popular, we have a houseguest helping us out, so three/four player games are good.

We went into town today (her second time out of the house since the op, her first not in a car for the whole time), and thanks to the staff at the excellent Ninja Games in town (nice store, shame about the website) we got a collection of cheap stuff. We also got a copy of Goldeneye for thirty quid.

I'm crap at it. Really, really, crap it it. It's great. The controls are going to take a lot to get used to, they've put a lot of thought into them and it's a very powerful interface. But, um, I'm not used to it yet. Despite being Goldeneye, it's got Daniel Craig voicing Bond and Dench as M. This Is Good.

The graphics and the game engine have both been updated, but it feels right. It feels like Goldeneye did sat on Lee's couch getting shot by Simon and Doug. In the back. Repeatedly. At least playing it single player I'm getting shot repeatedly by Russians.

We're taking a break from it at the moment, Alien Syndrome looked like a good buy for £3 if the objective is simple multiplayer games. And we got fed up dying as Bond.

But we'll be back to Goldeneye soon. I want to shoot Jennie with a Golden Gun.
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