Dec. 25th, 2010

Last night was the worst night of my adult life. The fever finally broke at about 4am, and by 6am I could feel the medications I'd been dosing myself on actually take effect.

I work with kids. If I'd thought about it, I should've known to go get a flu jab, the thing is, every dose of flu I've had up to now has been a mild form of "knock you out for a few days, Lemsip'll help" type.

This dose of flu? Bloody awful. I've had it since last Sunday, thought I was getting over it Thursday, only to have it kick back in with a vengeance Friday afternoon. Apparently, total number of cases this year is about normal but the Govt is being criticised for not spending enough money on an advertising campaign to get people to go get their jabs.

Me? I always wondered why spending money on adverts for this sort of thing were needed. We have newspapers, TV news, radio news, etc. Govt ministers could simply push it as a news item and get the media to cover as an essential public interest story.

And those of us with some method of communicating news could help spread that message. Right?

Does this actually make sense, or is my brain so flu addled it's coming up with daft ideas again? If I'm right, feel free to link to this post, write your own, tweet it, share it on Facebook, etc. If I'm wrong, well, y'know, my brain is barely working.

Oh yeah. Merry Christmas. You're not supposed to take alcohol alongside a chunk of the pills I'm using to take the worst off. So I'm stone cold sober watching The One Ronnie. I think being sober is a mistake for this one.
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