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It is a time of year to reflect, to think upon what has come to pass, to learn from the past and thank those that brought us to where we are today. Today, especially, is an exceptional day for these endeavours, being as it is the birthday of one of the greatest and most influential men to walk those green and pleasant lands.

His works, agitation and beliefs revolutionised the world, and there isn't a day that goes by in which we are not all grateful for his work and influence. He stood up to Roman oppression, believed himself to be especially chosen by God and his beliefs were considered heretical by the religious leaders of his time. Indeed, he changed the way we look at the universe itself, and affirmed that all things orbit around a greater power.

What is perhaps less well known is that he was also a politician, involved in one of the most radical changes to the established order and removal of a man believed to be a nasty and brutal King in thrall to Roman influences. Acclaimed by his peers, he was elected to serve as an MP during the most important Parliament to ever sit, which established that Parliament rules this fair nation, and that Govts could be replaced.

So, happy birthday Sir Isaac, and thank you.

What, you thought I'd suddenly got religious and was talking about that Jewish guy? Nah, Newton himself said they got the date wrong, the early Roman church just wanted to hijack traditional midwinter festivities, doesn't everyone know that proper Christian regimes (and indeed early colonial New England) banned Christmas as un-Christian?

When you get some nut complaining about the loss of the "true meaning of Christmas", offer them a beer and a pie. Because that is the true meaning of Christmas. So, y'know, eat, drink and be merry. And go watch Doctor Who.
Merry Christmas
Sharing this day are of course several friends, and before I forget, also happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] draich_goch, [livejournal.com profile] blacktone, Simon and anyone else I've forgotten about. Have a good one.
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