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A nice little mix of stuff in this lot, though the politics averse amongst you should be warned that with elections next week there's a fair bit on that, though not much of it is serious. Posted to both LJ and DW with comments open for technical reasons that I can't be arsed to fix, LJ version: Europe, books, maps and snails—MOAR linkspam
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Date: 2009-05-26 08:18 pm (UTC)
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Fair enough, makes sense. Thank you.

Let me check my understanding. If everyone genuinely votes their first preference then the system works to some extent, but if sufficiently many people deliberately conceal their first preference in an attempt to finesse the distribution of later seats then results become unpredictable. You make it sound like it's a system that works best with either relatively few positions to be divided, so the incentive to vote tactically is weak, or relatively many positions to be divided, so the effects of tactical voting are likely to be much smaller - and some of the larger UK Euro-constituencies have hit an unsweet spot in the middle!

I can see your arguments in favour of open lists and against closed ones.
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