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Mat Bowles ([personal profile] matgb) wrote2011-08-14 08:11 am

State of decay?

This pretty much sums up the reactions of large swathes of talking head commentators over the last week:

When I look back to what I've read about previous riots in London over the centuries, when I look at corruption scandals or financial collapses, it really does put into perspective how lucky we are and have been.

I mean, seriously, riots across all of London, no one very few killed[1] and the London murder rate actually goes down?. Total deaths nationally five, including three men run down by a car.

The bankers are finally brought down, not by deliberate deceit, not by active fraud or theft, but by incompetence and optimism.

Parliament is brought into disrepute in a corruption scandal. What over? A few grand on a duck house, a few grand over claimed on a mortgage, etc. Compare that to many other countries today? Compare that to corruption scandals in the past in the UK?

Moral decay? We've never had it so good.

Scary, isn't it?

ETA: Apparently there's been a death in Ealing that I had overlooked, the post is amended to reflect that.
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You're forgetting the huge amounts stashed away by the banks and tax evaders like Vodafone, the Arcadia Group etc. - all perfectly legal, but morally dubious, some would say.

And of course, if you're going to send someone to jail for six months for stealing a £3 bottle of water - because of the moral decay - then you should also send someone to jail for stealing £2k from the taxpayer to buy a duck house. If the latter had been deemed illegal. It's not breaking the law, but it's certainly breaking the spirit of the law.
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Not that I've particularly looked into the issue - but I think the problem stems from the fact that people "feel" that Vodafone/Arcadia Group are UK-based brands, when in fact they adopt a flag of convenience, like ships.

As for taxing no matter where you are - that's coincidentally pretty much what the US Government does to its citizens, regardless of location. My son - who had to have a US passport because they won't let him see his grandparents otherwise - is liable for US taxes for the rest of his life, regardless of location. (Unless he chooses to renounce his US citizenship, but even then he's liable for three years after the fact)

So which LD policy is the Govt. implementing? I've not heard about that... and I'm at least a vaguely interested citizen.
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I think I agree. This is a damn good country to live in.
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