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Mat Bowles ([personal profile] matgb) wrote2011-08-25 05:49 pm

Absolutely Fabulous anniversary specials

Absolutely Fabulous tickets. I post this not because I'm interested in attending (although you may be). I post this because of the bits I've put in bold.
Absolutely Fabulous
BBC One | 9, 16, 23 September

The cast reunite for three 20th anniversary specials.

Due to the popularity of this show we are operating a random draw for tickets.

You can apply for tickets at any time until Thursday 1 September at 4pm.

You can apply for a maximum of two tickets and one recording per household.

Good luck with your application.

All information is correct at time of publication.
Absolutely Fabulous is 20 years old.

I am coming to terms with the idea that in two weeks time I will become 37. I am coming to terms with there being junior Govt ministers younger than me. I am coming to terms with being served by people who weren't born when I was their age.

But Absolutely Fabulous is twenty years old? Seriously?
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[personal profile] sir_guinglain 2011-08-25 05:22 pm (UTC)(link)
This makes me realise how thirtysomething Doctor Who fans felt when The Five Doctors was screened in 1983...

[personal profile] kaptainvon 2011-08-26 03:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Terrible, isn't it?

The one that always does my nerves up wretched is popping into my local and being served by someone who hadn't even started junior school when I first walked in there. And I was only just of legal age for boozing then.