BBC NEWS | Politics | Internet video rules 'misguided':
it was not the role of regulation to protect established broadcasters from new competition operating under different business models.
Daft EU proposal (of the many many that give the whole thing a bad name and make it bloody hard to defend), and the House of Lords committee says it's daft and should be rejected. For about, oh, the 50th time since the last General Election, I find myself thanking the Lords for a bit of sense.

This is of course the main issue with new media and distribution schemes, the old providers feel threatened and try to get things "updated" in a way that simply damages innovation and forces people underground. Technology changes, markets adapt, and new methods of selling stuff undermine the old firms. The problem being that when one of the old firms does go bust, someone'll whinge the government should've stopped it, rather than pointing out it was them failed to adapt. Ah well, plus ca change.
Buy a peerage! . Pledgebank pledge is here. Just really a follow up to this and this from last August.

Also, although [ profile] mapp beat me to it (saw the announcement on [ profile] draich_goch's PC), GW announce a 40K RPG. If any one game is going to get me roleplaying again (given that the new WFRP failed although it does look very well done), it's the same system but set in one of the best realised gothic sci-fi backgrounds out there. Let's face it, it's more OTT that Dune, and better realised with better internal consistency.

Today, I slept until after 12, had a shower, drove to Jason's and played LoTR Warmaster (Battle of the Five Armies). I bought it when it came out (a year ago), and we've never actually played it. Given that a painted set went on eBay recently for over £150, we thought we'd give it a go with a view to painting the figures, playing it a few times and selling it off. We liked it so much we decided to paint them up, sell them off, and use the proceeds to buy a new set. However, in order to get me painting, we're going to arrange a time to do it at his, painting is something I can only do in a social situation otherwise I get distracted. Haven't painted more than a Formule De model for years...
The Lords Reform Day thing went rather well, and I got a link; feels a bit strange to be amongst such august company. Still, there were some damn fine articles written, and some great ideas.

Blood and Treasure explains the lottery appointments system better than I could, and I pretty much agree with the principle. However, I'm persuaded to not go for it 100% (always was really), Nosemonkey puts a pretty strong case for a degree of appointmented members; I like the idea of a revision chamber containing experts from their field.

So, the reformers are splitting into two camps, those who want an elected senate, and those who want a decent, non-partizan revision chamber. I've been in the latter camp for about ten years, nice to know I'm not alone.
The Mother of all Parliaments. Apparently, we're supposed to be proud of that, us Brits. Um, guys? a) the Icelanders and the Isle of Man are known to have gotten in before us and b) You keep forgetting to do stuff wot you promised us.

94 years ago, a decision was made. They decided to reform Parliament, make it more democratic! What a great idea. However, they weren't certain what to do, so they did a few tweaks around the edges and announced they were going to investigate the best way to go forward. The tweaks around the edges were called the Parliament Act of 1911, itwas given Royal Assent on August 10th of that year.

I quote:
  • " is intended to substitute for the House of Lords as it at present exists a Second Chamber constituted on a popular instead of hereditary basis, but such substitution cannot be immediately brought into operation."
-Preamble to the Parliament Act 1911

Still waiting guys.

When elected, Mr Blair said he was going to change it too.

Still waiting.

Anyone want to guess on the odds that they'll have gotten around to finishing the job by the time the 100th anniversary of that Act comes and goes?

I want to be proud to be British. It shouldn't be hard. But, well, our politicians keep messing things up.

This post has been brought to you as part of Lords Reform Day. Go sign up. You never know, they might start listening. They may even get around to doing something. 94 years...
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