[1] Technically he's no longer my MP, but as I'm not settled in Wimbledon really and am moving on, plus I've been campaigning and supporting him since I was a kid, he's the one I consider my MP until such time as I'm settled somewhere formally.
After yesterdays silly petition, from the same guy is something a little more serious on YouTube--The plight of Iraqi interpreters:

Fair warning for the squemish, there is one (very brief) shot of injuries sustained, in my opinion it's worth watchin anyway, it's a set of narrated post-it notes.

Of course, not everyone agrees that the way they're being treated is despicable, Neil Clark, perhaps most well known for his belief that Slobodan Milosevic could do no wrong says Keep these quislings out, to which [livejournal.com profile] publicansdecoy responds:
this article, without a doubt, is the most disgusting, morally bankrupt piece of crap I have ever come across. Neil Clark, you are Arsehole of The Year 2007. Congratulations.
Which I feel sums up my response to Mr Clark admirably.

Petition to: offer asylum in the UK to the Iraqis who have been working as translators and in other capacities for the UK armed forces.

Sign please.
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