The odds of [ profile] draxar and [ profile] dainul not having noticed this already are small, but just in case, » Blog Archive » TRANSMETROPOLITAN: Monoculture.

Yup, my mates design project just got picked up by [ profile] warrenellis, who seems happy to see is. Külness. Well done Mr Pink.

Actually, might as well post these rather than mailing you. [ profile] d_notice_fd moved to London just before I did, I'd been reading his blog for ages before that, and he's ended up living around the corner. He writes a lot about SOCPA, and attended the All-day Lone Protest, his Flickr photostream has stuff, and I especially like this placard...

ETA: [ profile] snapesbabe links to this petition and has more links and info.
[ profile] rho has an episode of Songs of Praise, with subtitles. Um, yeah, very well done. Songs of praise, subtitled

ETA: Extra külness: Monoculture, video by [ profile] draxar using words by [ profile] warren_ellis and a voiceover by [ profile] dainul. So very cool.

Our internet went down yesterday, has just come back up, but I've got to be off in half an hourNOW (oops) to meet a certain person at the MegaBus stop. So skimming back on the friends page, don't be expecting comments for a bit...
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