Right, laptop plus telly equals liveblog attempt.

Here be spoilers )

Jennie's sat next to me doing the same thing and I'm going to continue in the comments instead of constantly editing...

Edit after the broadcast: Well that was bollocks wasn't it? Better than last season but the first episode needed to be. LJ crapped out and would let either of us get here about half way through, but, well, it' would just've been angry ranting about frustrating plot devices and utter stupidity at all points. Anyone want a poll? Nah, didn't think so.
I've got a nice little post in my head about Torchwood, what's right and wrong with it, etc etc. I like it, but it's deeply flawed and nowhere near as good as it should be. In the meantime, James Graham has a solution:
One suggestion just made to me is to make Lembit Opik a consultant for the show, given that he is an authority on Wales, intergalactic phenomena and sex with odd-looking aliens.
Nasty. True, but nasty.
Sleep pattern completely shot so I'm doing my annual (ish) all-nighter, watching Torchwood again. Done that so re-watching the Capt. Jack Dr Who episodes. Hadn't tied it in but the Torchwood lift comes out exactly where they parked the TARDIS. Cool. Combine that with Jack's most treasured possetion being Tennant's hand from Xmas Invasion and you have some very subtle crossovers. I approve.
Well, I'm back online properly, and a quick glance at friends page and feeds. A lot to catch up on. If I've missed anything of personal import let me know as I'll be scanning not reading for the most part.

Spent most of the week either at my parents, Rob's or in bed with a book or a DVD. Didn't buy any electric cards last weekend, so couldn't use much that required power until Anne upstairs came back, me silly fule. Got some book tokens from my sister (she's learning), some Dr Who DVDs from my parents, and chocolate plus some cash from both grandmothers. Went and bought myself Dr Who series II and Torchwood Pt I boxing day, natch. Also bought myself the [livejournal.com profile] grrm paperback, which I'm halfway through, rather good so far. [livejournal.com profile] autopope's second novel is, I think, better than his first, and definitely the sort of SF I want to be reading, made me think and entertained. This is good.

Torchwood? Will do a proper review style thing when I'm caught up, but initial reaction? OMG yes. More please. Flawed, at times the plotting is daft, and a bit too twee in a few ways, but overall impressive, and better than 90% of other stuff out there. Also, Gwen has a rather nice arse, shame they took her out of the uniform. And Tosh is cute as well. Sorry, I'll, um, go back to reading my feeds and friends list...
The whole "not having a TV" thing? It's still fine. There are rarely any shows I want to watch, the only one currently that I'd like to be watching is Torchwood, and the DVDs will be out soon. I know that feedback has been, shall we say, mixed? But overall, I'm looking forward to watching it just to find out if it's as good/bad as people are saying. Given that it seems to be the same people saying both good and bad, doubly so.

So, instead of actually watching it, directly, I watch it by proxy; thanks friends list! From [livejournal.com profile] rowanberries weekly liveblog, through to [livejournal.com profile] calapine's more reasoned analysis, there's always a good summary fairly quickly. Then others, such as [livejournal.com profile] nhw will review it, and I get a bit more of a fix. But there's always a bit of a delay. Then [livejournal.com profile] elephantfeed updates. Like it just did:
I said before that Torchwood hadn't decided what it was about yet. In this episode, I think it has. Torchwood is about Life after Death.
So, Richard thinks it's all about life after death, that this episode linked the series together and made the rest make sense, and also told me that Gwen is played by Gwyneth's actress. This I didn't know. So suspicions of a link between them would make more sense, and Richard thinks Jack thinks Gwen is in some way special. Anyone out there got a differing opinion?
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