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Mat Bowles ([personal profile] matgb) wrote2008-08-25 06:47 pm

Unexpected barmaid!

So, we're safely in Devon. We've Done Stufftm.

Actually got out of the house and walked all the way to the beach via the Slapton Ley nature trail this morning, threw the ball for the dogs lots, walked back up the hill and made lunch (my Granny has managed to comment that a) I'm getting a bit fat and b) I need to eat more already, I love my Granny's food).

Then we went to the local pub, listed in the Good Beer guide (Jennie had looked it up) so we knew it would have something. We go in, there are four pumps all with local beers on, which is nice. Barmaid is serving someone at the other end of the bar so we're guessing what beer will be what.

Then the barmaid turns to serve us, and as we look at each other there's one of those moments of recognition.

Hadn't seen my Aunty Mo for at least 5 years, didn't know she worked at the pub 5 minutes walk from Granny's house.

Beer was bloody good too.

Then we went up to the village fete, where Granny was making creme teas (proper Devon fasion with the cream on the scone and jam on top, none of this butter malarky on a cream tea, let alone putting the fam on first--weird foreign types do that sort of thing).

After that we took a different walk, down to Deer Bridge and along what was the old stream where I learnt Pooh Sticks with Granddad, but is now reclaimed into marshland as part of the reserve. Rather nice overall.

Gotta go, Granny's made tea. Apparently the table is straining under the pressure.

No real time tor ead other entries, we're lucky to get a wireless connection at all, but thought it was worth an entry.

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Dammit, now I want to go back.

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Slapton is awesome. Mat's granny is extra awesome.

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We don't use butter but I do put the jam first as a matter of pride for my county. If that makes me a foreign type then so be it. The two occasions I had Langage Farm clotted cream with scones in Exeter I put it first. When in Rome and all that.
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Well there you go, I was in Devon on Saturday and Sunday. I would've been there today, but decided to head home a day early to Get Stuff Done.

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"weird foreign types do that sort of thing"

bloody Cornish :P

I hope the weather isn't too soggy, it's been really wet here in Plymouth.

Are you going to visit living Coasts? I hear they now have Mangroves.

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Sounds like fun! Devon is a very nice part of the world. :)