I don't play MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. I try to avoid buying too many computer games, especially new ones, as I know what I'm like. Up until now though, I had no idea that Jennie was, in actualy fact, worse than me in this regard as well. She's hidden it well.

Those of you that read [livejournal.com profile] miss_s_b or [livejournal.com profile] theyorkshergob might be wondering if her silence today is due to hangover or similar from her birthday yesterday. You might suspect she's recovering. Well, she is, sort of.

She's sat on the sofa. Playing Speed Racer on the Wii. She's been there pretty much non-stop except for food breaks. Since 4pm today. 91/2hrs and counting.

It's a fun game, with lots of little tricks to learn. But she's way way past the "I want to be able to teach [livejournal.com profile] shrublette how to play this" stage.

Doesn't bother me of course, I've been distracted for more than a few hours by Oolite since I started playing it in November. But I don't recall an 8 hour straight game. Meh, I've turned the TV volume down and crawled into bed, I have books to read and candles to read them by--if she doesn't come upstairs until the morning that's her call.

Visitors tomorrow, [livejournal.com profile] innerbrat and [livejournal.com profile] ms_ntropy are braving the Megabus from The Smoke. So she'll teach them how to play it tomorrow evening I've no doubt.
This is a pretty good description of my friends list and feed reader this morning:

How about you? Taking Jennie to work for an eight hour shift in abit, then back here—got a bit of a grotty cold so don't want to sit in the pub given we're doing that tomorrow for her birthday anyway. So, come on people, post stuff, amuse me!

OK, how about a meme. Um, Most expensive Xmas present? Most annoying? Most useful? Why?

For me, all three are one. We got a Wii. Well, when I say we, what I mean is Jennie got one and I grudgingly said OK. Obviously most expensive, and obviously, it's a Wii, it's annoying. But most useful?

Can we say babysitting service? Shrub's got the idea I'm completely useless at it already, so accepts that I don't want to play it lots. So as long as I make sure she takes regular breaks and go down to talk to her a bit, I can keep my sanity when she's off school. Yay!

Also? Worms: Space Oddity is cool, even if I can't aim for toffee, and it makes Jennie smile. Making Jennie smile is always fun.
Before I start wading through loads of links, searches and similar, is there out there somewhere a simple guide on petitioning for a town council referendum? Brighouse is part of Calderdale Metropolitan Borough, but several local towns also have their own town council.

Not my area of expertise (yet) )
Went to the Halifax cabinet meeting, got a result, yay! )
And there'd be a lot of support for something I wanted to campaign for anyway )
Any other stuff people know'd be cool )
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I think the The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy answered this best back in 1992:

Although it's not exactly new. And possibly it's being replaced by t'internet. Which, y'know, given the events of this week, is probably a good thing. On that subject...

URL of the week:

http://change.gov/ (via)

I have a brief comment on the Obama election. It's a story about a man who captured the hopes of the nation, made an appeal for change, won an election by mobilising a massive coalition of disparate influence groups, uniting them for a common purpose who went on to win seats all over the country, including in places that were previously thought unwinnable for his party. A lawyer, he and his young family were a refreshing alternative to the tired right wing Govt that they voted out.

Mr President Elect Obama sir? If you turn into another fucking Tony Blair, the entire world will be very disappointed in you. I voted for that git, I supported that git. He broke his promises and let me down. Don't be a git sir, we're depending on you.

Domestic bliss?

This morning, [livejournal.com profile] miss_s_b did take young [livejournal.com profile] shrublette to school, then went into town and did some shopping in Tesco. She bought a loaf of bread, more classic Doctor Who poseable action figure (we're very close to getting the whole Robot now, yay!) and a big bag of five custard doughnuts. I then took her to work. At lunch today, I did eat one of the doughnuts and felt a bit guilty about it. This evening, I picked her up from work, we went to former Cllr Yates's house to get his name at the top of our petition, then I dropped her home so I could go back to her work to pick up her Dad and give him a lift home.

When I got home, I offered to make tea. Quoth she:
I'm not hungry actually. I've eaten all the doughnuts
She has as well, the greedy pig.

Next time she complains about putting on weight? Suggest she might like to stop eating all the doughnuts...

Love you darlin'
So, today, we did go to the Library. It was shut for renovations most of the summer so I couldn't register, but it's now reopened. It is a typical small English town library, gifted to the town by the effective founder, and has an attached art gallery. It's gorgeous.

I registered (painless process all on computer), but forgot to ask how many books I'd be allowed. Given that when I grew up in Devon it was 4, Exeter uni was I think 6, and Merton in Wimbledon was similar, while browsing I chose a pile, then put several back on the shelves.

When checking out, I did ask the question. 20.

You can take out 20 books at once

Plus it's a gorgeous building, in a nice park setting, and it's less'n ten minutes walk. I need to remember to return my books on time and not get banned from this library. Plus, as SB discovered, they seem to have a complete set of Asterix books. Shrub's likely a little young for them. Probably. Anyway...
[Poll #1286302]
I did see it on the shelf, and made her take it out to read. Pretty sure I leant [livejournal.com profile] susannah_banana my copy, else I'd have put it top of her pile already.

Shrub's already read the two books she took out. Which means given it's half term I might have to take her back for more. What a shame. I'll have to force myself.
My old friend Gareth sent me a link this morning, the Torbay commercial radio station is running a competion in which my old Sea Scout group the 6th Torbay could win a Sea Swift boat. All you have to do is go to their crappy website and vote for them which, y'know, would be really cool.

I transferred to the 6th after I met Gareth in my first year at secondary school—I left my coat at their bring and buy and Mum used that as leverage to get me in to them. Given they're one of the best Scout groups in the country (hence the links to Britannia Naval College and the right to use the name) that was a rather fortuitous loss. Gareth's Mum had taught me to swim when I was really little, and his Dad is still their Group Scout Leader last I looked, which is cool. Many happy memories of messing about in boats around Paignton harbour, good to know they're still going strong.
Righty ho landlubbers. After decamping to Bournemouth for a week, we've ended up down in Devon as a) it's just down the road and b) my cousin's getting married Saturday.

This is good, especially as it means I get to go see The Pyrates again. Yup, on International Talk like a Pirate day, my mates Tim and David have booked their band a gig (I last saw them just after I moved to London last year and enjoyed the night).

So, SB and I are planning to travel up to Exeter tomorrow (partially as there's a co-op branch to pay some cheques in), and Do Stuff, then decamp to the Firehouse to see folks in the evening.

If anyone fancies meeting up for lunch mid-afternoon snack and/or coming to t'pub with us in the evening, then just shout.

Oh, if anyone wants to walk us around the new(ish) bits of town and help me not get lost, that'd also be cool...
Guess I ought to try to write something every so often here, right? Reports of my existence may or may not have been exaggerated...

So, yeah. Annual happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] foxfirefey, and indeed to my cousin Gary, ten years to the day older than me and in hospital with serious cancer (this isn't new news to me, but we share a birthday so I think about him a bit).

Meh mood,  ) but some cool stuff )I've been hacking my layout again, S2 is easier... )

Friends list reduction cut thingy )

Still, gotta finish writing this, ten minutes to midnight so the day is almost over, and cake beckons...
So, we're safely in Devon. We've Done Stufftm.

Actually got out of the house and walked all the way to the beach via the Slapton Ley nature trail this morning, threw the ball for the dogs lots, walked back up the hill and made lunch (my Granny has managed to comment that a) I'm getting a bit fat and b) I need to eat more already, I love my Granny's food).

Then we went to the local pub, listed in the Good Beer guide (Jennie had looked it up) so we knew it would have something. We go in, there are four pumps all with local beers on, which is nice. Barmaid is serving someone at the other end of the bar so we're guessing what beer will be what.

Then the barmaid turns to serve us, and as we look at each other there's one of those moments of recognition.

Hadn't seen my Aunty Mo for at least 5 years, didn't know she worked at the pub 5 minutes walk from Granny's house.

Beer was bloody good too.

Then we went up to the village fete, where Granny was making creme teas (proper Devon fasion with the cream on the scone and jam on top, none of this butter malarky on a cream tea, let alone putting the fam on first--weird foreign types do that sort of thing).

After that we took a different walk, down to Deer Bridge and along what was the old stream where I learnt Pooh Sticks with Granddad, but is now reclaimed into marshland as part of the reserve. Rather nice overall.

Gotta go, Granny's made tea. Apparently the table is straining under the pressure.

No real time tor ead other entries, we're lucky to get a wireless connection at all, but thought it was worth an entry.
Two things. 1) I won my category in the Blog Awards. You all have very bad taste. This puts me through to the second round, so, y'know
The Yorksher Gob -SB's blog of the Year: Sexiest Male Blogger
Vote me for overall winner!
[Poll #1247348]

2) We're off to Devon to visit family as of this afternoon. Staying at my octagenarian grandmothers in Slapton, where we're likely to be completey net deprived, travelling back Thursday. We'll likely visit people with internet and/or go to a cafe at some point, but don't expect SB's normal level of spamminess let alone anything at all from me.

Have fun y'all, remember to vote...
So, the purchase of the Ka has provoked much discussion here and elsewhere[1] (bunch of petrolheads and weirdoes), and Jennie has decided that she wants to name it[2]. She has a preferred option[3]. I'm not too keen[4]. So I thought I'd enlist some help from you lot[5]. There now follows a poll[6]:
[Poll #1231865]
I mean, seriously, why would you want to give your car a name, let alone a silly pun? Oh, wait, I'm in Yorkshire, it's Jennie. Combine the two and I'm doomed, aren't I?

Oh, the other scary thing? She went to the post office today to pay her wage in, and I met her at Sainsbury's to do some shopping. She'd bought a copy of the Highway Code and some L plates. Be afraid...

[1] A friends locked post at her personal journal.
[2] It's a really stupid idea of a name.
[3] I mean it, really really stupid.
[4] I hate it.
[5] Help me oh friends list, you're my only hope.
[6] As always, non-LJers will need to login with an OpenID or create an LJ account to vote.
Specifically, this one on the AutoTrader site[1]. SB decided today that we ought to have one, and I had no real objection. Wasn't keen and enthusiastic mind, but I'm back in the car driving masses again. Just have to make sure I don't over use it &c...
Front View
Front View
Moar pics )

Description from the advert )
and no, we didn't pay the full listed price.

[1] Link might expire soon, we have bought it after all.
I aten't dead. I would proclaim I've been busy, but that'd be a lie—I've been doing stuff (currently revamping and adding content to the local constituency site—nowhere near finished) but mostly I've been reading, playing Starcraft and doing stuff with SB. Just lost the need to post at the moment. Ah well. In lieu of actual content, I thought I'd do a meme, might break the block...

The instructions are quite simple:
You bold the things you've done!
So I thought I'd add some commentary to some of them, no idea how many yet, there are 200 of the things...

List of 200 things with comments )

Meh, can't be arsed to count that, but, y'know, if you want to take the piss out of the list like I did, knock yerself out...
What's your reaction to a chance to go on a decent rollercoaster? The reason I ask this is because we[1] went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach[2], and Jennie insisted on going on as many of the big fast rides as possible. At one point she observed to one of the crew "I'm not bothered, but he is"—meaning me. The thing is? I wasn't bothered, just really really not caring. I just don't really see the appeal of most of them—one of them, the Revolution, announced itself as "the most thrilling ride of your life", but to me it was merely meh. I figure there are four main reactions to these things, so I thought I'd find out.
[Poll #1209471]
It's not that I didn't enjoy the day out—both [livejournal.com profile] shrublette[3] and Jennie were obviously really enjoying it, and some, especially the 'family' rides were good. I just was completely unmoved by the Big Dipper et al. The Avalanche was quite good, and the Mouse was actually scary as it felt like we were falling off at every corner, but I wouldn't say I really enjoyed them that much.

You? Do you like rollercoasters?

[1] We being [livejournal.com profile] snapesbabe, her daughter [livejournal.com profile] shrublette—it being her 5th birthday Friday) and her dad (who runs her YouTube channel)

[2] It has a flash thing that autoplays with music, fair warning for those of you that don't have flashblock as a standard install.

[3] So much so that some of them, notably River Caves, Derby Racer and Grand Prix she went on again, and again, and again (and again). Fortunately Daddy volunteered to redo fair few of them...
Taken yesterday on the camera phone, completely pointless silliness, but it has ducks. You can, sort of, make the out, they start at the bottom of the depth pole.

The dog sensibly ignoring them and wallowing in is Byron, the one haring around all over the place chasing anything that moves is Roxy.

And this is posted just because I can. Embed code that works at the right resolution courtesy of Ryan.
I think I'm beginning to recover from the exhaustion now. Had a simply marvellous (darling) weekend, involving meeting many people, consuming much alcohol and watching many many many films. On Friday alone I was sat in various cinemas for over 81/2 hours. So, for those interested, a summary review of the films I watched, in order of showing.

Day one: Friday 13th

12.00: Brain Dead—but not the one I expected )
14.15: Vampire Diary—including unexpected friends in the crowd )
16.00: Black Christmas—traditional college slasher pic )
18.15 An American Werewolf in London—so much better than I was expecting, and I knew it was good. )if like me you've never seen this film?
Go and watch it. Now.really, just do it )
20.15: The Mist )


After that, we went to a local Moroccan restaurant for a meal (hint to the waiter—if you want a decent tip, try to avoid serving the chicken dish to the vegetarian and telling him it's cheese), then onto the Gasworks. I was at this stage utterly exhausted (films tend to tire me anyway, enclosed atmospheres, etc), but it was fun. We eventually rolled home in the early hours.

I'm posting this via the flickr blog this tool from [livejournal.com profile] karohemd's picture of yself and [livejournal.com profile] snapesbabe in front of [livejournal.com profile] pmoodie's poster art, I'll do day two and three later.
Right, Richard posted a poll (go vote) about the CDs on his desk, and said we should do the same. Well, this isn't exactly the CDs on my desk, it's the stack I just moved from the base of the stairs as I'm vacuuming[1]. It's basically the stuff Jennie's taken to work over the last few weeks and not put back into the CD shelves yet. So, which of them would you choose to listen to?
[Poll #1195103]
Bonus special points—6 of them are my CDs, want to guess which?
[1]You can tell I'm vacuuming, right? Definitely cleaning the house, not at all distracted and sat back at the computer again. Why she thinks I love the thing is beyond me, we got it to clear up after her filthy dogs...
My daily digest of texts, tweets and status updates.
  • 12:33 is laughing at Jennie for ringing me and saying "hello, is that the council tax office" Chace'd be a fine thing--bloody bills. #

Microblogging using LoudTwitter and Twitter. [livejournal.com profile] matgb_twitter is there if you're mad enough.
My daily digest of texts, tweets and status updates.
  • 15:59 is trying to use the mouse before plugging it in... #

Microblogging using LoudTwitter and Twitter. [livejournal.com profile] matgb_twitter is there if you're mad enough.
My daily digest of texts, tweets and status updates.
  • 18:44 is drinking coffee mixed with tofee ice cream. Mmmmmmm #
  • 21:58 is giggling at The Shrubplaying in the bath and wondering if she's learnt how to not fall in the beck again... #

Microblogging using LoudTwitter and Twitter. [livejournal.com profile] matgb_twitter is there if you're mad enough.
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