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Linkspam: Random economies of failed web tricks

Well, I tried setting up the cross poster (again), but it keeps crashing on me, so here's my linkspam of the last day or so redone with stripped html—sorry about some of the weirdness.

New Statesman - Richard Reeves

Wrote the bio of JS Mill I'm currently reading, which means I like him already. Very interesting set of columns, well worth looking over, even if they are in Staggers.

Edible Dirt,—Easter Sunday, Jesus wakes up

Not original, probably offensive to those that care, rather funny

10 Unfortunate Facts of Life | f*cking c*nts

This amused, it's about time I cleared it from my linklog and actually posted it somewhere

to funny life sex ...

theweaselking: Abortion discussion

Key quote from comments: "It's a hard enough choice without having to make it in an alley. I'll always be pro choice, period."

Why I am an abortion doctor

Read this: 'I can take a woman, in the biggest trouble she has ever experienced in her life, and by performing a five-minute operation, in comfort and dignity, I can give her back her life' Safe, legal, rare, why is there still a controversy?

How to Pack Up & Leave LiveJournal (A Tutorial) (://URLFAN)

Not a bad little how-to. Not how I'd do it specifically, I've already backed up everything including comments to a Wordpress install, but still not bad.

drjon: The LJ Strike (which is today)

Containts a nice little history of previous fusses on the site, with a balanced overview and points out that, well, we've won already

Pharyngula: EXPELLED!

Creationists premiere dodgy movie near home of famous science blogger, specifically ban him from viewing, but not his family or his guest. This is a really dumb move...

It's Just a Game... - Review: The Bible

Funny: "Summary: A confused film, half effects laden, no-brain blockbuster, half cinema-verite talking-heads, lacking a conclusion or climax to justify the budget. Poor plotting and characterisation lead the audience to sympathise with the villains rather | The Undercover Economist | Dear Economist: How can I create an incentive scheme to keep our house clean?

Sounds familiar: "My fiancee is moving in with me. We’ve lived together before, and we hate housework. Before, we didn’t do work in retaliation for housework not done by the other." Good to know that even economics doesn't have all the answers

Economics may have an answer

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Interesting that you should say that economics doesn't have an answer to the housework problem. Maybe Tim Harford ignored it because I have got the wrong end of the stick, but a section from The Armchair Economist by Steven Landsburg solves another domestic problem that always seemed applicable to housework to me. I know the original question says money should be avoided because it can backfire, but I like this solution nonetheless.

Basically, a couple disagree as to where they should go out for the evening. But they agree that the person with the strongest preference should prevail.

To determine who has the strongest preference, they each write down in secret how much they are willing to pay to get their way. The higher bidder wins of course, but donates to charity the monetary value of the loser's bid (not her own).

This system makes sure that people are honest when revealing their preferences. People can't just say they don't want to do the housework. They have to genuinely not want to do it.

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Thanks for these. It is so much easier having you surf the net for me than doing it myself - I'd never have found these things!

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Poor plotting and characterisation lead the audience to sympathise with the villains rather

hee hee. So very true in my case.

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apparently it's a rather common fetish.
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Are you getting an error message from you daily blog post along the lines of back dating? To get posts going though most often, I've set mine to post after the 8 hour period during which I'm least likely to update LJ (7.45am). Because Delicious Glue posts from the PST for my juornal, the timestamp on the post is then 11.45pm