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Interesting Links for 28-7-2011

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*shrug* Google is acting like John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory can't possibly apply when you have to use your real name, and that just isn't so. Plus, there's just all the wonderful ways that having to use your real name can backfire (as Blizzard learned when they tried to implement it on the World of Warcraft forums).
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"Generation X" is a term that really lacks precision.

According to a leading fansite, Douglas Coupland intended the term to refer to people aged between about 25 and 34 in 1991 - those born between 1957 and 1966. Other commentators have suggested it's the children of the baby boomers (so 1965 to about 1981), or those whose teenage years touched the 1980s (so 1960 to 1976). In short, it's a term that can mean whatever anyone wants it to mean, and can exclude whatever anyone wants it to exclude.

Does anyone want five tests on European monetary union?
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The ONS thing is irritating; there will *always* be something weird about any given quarter. Also it'll be interesting to see if, when (or if) consistent, strong growth does return, they'll be as quick to ascribe all of that to fluke one-offs too.