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Mat Bowles ([personal profile] matgb) wrote2007-05-08 12:32 am

Tate late, protest, the Beatles and NiN

OK, last Friday night I went to the "Late at the Tate" monthly event, a laptop orchestra. Now, the basic idea has potential, a bunch of art students and grads with networked iBooks and a mixing desk, improvising a bit of sound/music for half an hour. Unfortunately, that's all it was, and although if oyu shut your eyes and just listened some of the effects were interesting, there was no real indication that it was being improvised, and, unfortunately, was overall a little dull. It's possible that the later two shows got better, but we decamped to the pub after the first.

Late at the Tate is, however, a monthly event, and next month?
Friday 1 June 2007, 18.00–21.45

Mark Wallinger questions the right to protest and the limits of art. What are the principles of free expression? What might constitute the moral imperative to transgress the law and exercise the right to speak out? Joining Wallinger are Adrian Searle, Jerry Sadowitz, Shami Chakrabarti, Lisa Appignanesi, Brian Haw, Gillian Slovo, John Hegley, protest choir Raised Voices and invited guest Mark Thomas.

Tickets will only be available at 18.00 on the night from the Clore Gallery Entrance
I'd make an effort to go see that even if it wasn't 5 minutes walk from the office. Shami and Mark in the same panel discussion? Anyone care to join me?

On a completely unrelated subject, I'm assuming everyone (well, NiN/Star Trek fans) has seen the Kirk/Spock Closer vid already, but there's the link if not (um, yeah, Kirk/Spock slashy scenes with NiN's most famous dodgy lyrics song, NSFW, etc). But here's an even cooler mashup: Closer combined (well) with the Beatles Come Together. Some people have too much time on their hands. These people make amusements for me. This is a good thing.

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I wanna fuck you right now over me? Best lyric ever.

Actually, that's pretty darn funky. I liiiiiike it.

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OMG that mashup IS brilliant!

I would LOVE to come to that debate, not just for Shami and Mark, but Jerry Sadowitz. Dunno if I can swing it, though. I have brother's wedding the friday after, and the friday after that is the FFW...

However, I can try.

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Absolutely will do.

I fear I may have to book the week off including the FFW; the tickets for the B'Stard play are on the Wednesday of that week, too. For which, you know, would be lovely if you could join me, but will understand if you can't.

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Yeah, I kind of figured that might be the case.

* hopes *

* hopes some more *

* ponders taking up religion and then there might be some point to prayer *

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OK, work have no problem with it, so I shall get on to finding a babysitter. As it's only for one day (since she goes to her dad's on Friday evening anyway) it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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we can always use more volunteers

But I'd be ascareded! Well, maybe if you and [ profile] pinkshifter promise to look after me...

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I can do envelope stuffing. I have that talent. Are you allowed to sexually harrass the volunteers?

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Judging by the behaviour of the customers at various workplaces, blokes in their later years are even randier than younger blokes, mainly (I suspect) due to having less outlet for it.

They certainly appreciate/reciprocate a bit of filthy flirting, anyway.

Give it a try!


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NTS: obtain Johnny Depp

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Ive actually had this track for quite some time now and i love it, surprisingly enough it goes down quite well in clubs, i love to confuse people with this one...played it weekend before last in wolverhampton.

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Hah! I just replyed saying you'd got it- we've played it when Mat's been there - I'm sure of it damnit!

*pokes you for the sheer hell of it*

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I am sure bordering on certain that I have playwed you that more than once having had it for ages. In a "got it off rob well before the end" kind of ages.

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Anyone care to join me?

Ooh, probably.

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I'm not one of the cool kids, though.

I keep meaning to get involved with Libdemmery down here, but haven't got round to it properly, because I suck. Suck like a clown.