OK, last Friday night I went to the "Late at the Tate" monthly event, a laptop orchestra. Now, the basic idea has potential, a bunch of art students and grads with networked iBooks and a mixing desk, improvising a bit of sound/music for half an hour. Unfortunately, that's all it was, and although if oyu shut your eyes and just listened some of the effects were interesting, there was no real indication that it was being improvised, and, unfortunately, was overall a little dull. It's possible that the later two shows got better, but we decamped to the pub after the first.

Late at the Tate is, however, a monthly event, and next month?
Friday 1 June 2007, 18.00–21.45

Mark Wallinger questions the right to protest and the limits of art. What are the principles of free expression? What might constitute the moral imperative to transgress the law and exercise the right to speak out? Joining Wallinger are Adrian Searle, Jerry Sadowitz, Shami Chakrabarti, Lisa Appignanesi, Brian Haw, Gillian Slovo, John Hegley, protest choir Raised Voices and invited guest Mark Thomas.

Tickets will only be available at 18.00 on the night from the Clore Gallery Entrance
I'd make an effort to go see that even if it wasn't 5 minutes walk from the office. Shami and Mark in the same panel discussion? Anyone care to join me?

On a completely unrelated subject, I'm assuming everyone (well, NiN/Star Trek fans) has seen the Kirk/Spock Closer vid already, but there's the link if not (um, yeah, Kirk/Spock slashy scenes with NiN's most famous dodgy lyrics song, NSFW, etc). But here's an even cooler mashup: Closer combined (well) with the Beatles Come Together. Some people have too much time on their hands. These people make amusements for me. This is a good thing.
New NiN album on streaming media. Gotta say, I am getting used to this broadband thing. And it's better than [With Teeth]. But then, it'd be hard to be worse and still be NiN

[livejournal.com profile] takhisis wants help dealing with a stupid phisher

What if The Globe had had a message board?
"FUCK YOU SHAKESPEARE! WHERE DO YOU GET OFF KILLING OFF ROMEO AND JULIET? Clearly, you have no conception of how drama is supposed to work, since you won't let your characters be happy!"
On the subject of Will, how about some Shakespeare quote icons and bases for making more?

Via [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda

How cool is that? ETA [livejournal.com profile] theweaselking had also earlier posted it, and has a link to the 45Mb WMV file on SadKermit.Com. A site I may explore further when I've time...

Also? Sir Tim interviewed on World Service Business Daily (starts about twoo minutes into the Thursday show, no idea how they're web archive sytem works but it's here currently).

Had a good evening in the pub with [livejournal.com profile] nadriel chatting about random stuff. Have decided that The Cavern is a better pub than The Tavern, if only because the jukebox is better. Someone was paying to listen to lots of Meatloaf, but given I've lost my copy of Bat Out of Hell (I think my sister has it, no real matter), that's not actually as bad as it sounds...

G'night all.
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