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Mat Bowles ([personal profile] matgb) wrote2008-05-25 11:45 pm

It's nearly the end of May 25th

So I thought I'd post a poll on this auspicious date. Oh, and ask opinions on the new Indy film as I've sen mixed reviews from people that normally have similar opinions.
[Poll #1193737]
Also, am watching Sunshine on DVD. It's shit, unfortunately, I'd heard that people that liked Event Horizon liked it and others didn't, as I liked that film, I thought I'd give it a go. Ah well.

ETA: It's stripped out the link to John's Wedding speech from the anniversary bit, silly LJ.
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[personal profile] fearmeforiampink 2008-05-25 11:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Crystal Skull is better than Temple of Doom, but worse than Raiders or Last Crusade.

I find myself in agreement with this review
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[personal profile] fearmeforiampink 2008-05-29 12:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Raiders had good plot. It just effortlessly and smoothly inserted it between the cool set pieces, and acknoledged that people weren't coming to see this for the plot.

The Mummy (the first one of the modern redo of that) does Indianna Jones better than Temple of Doom or Crystal Skull because it understands this.

It seems that George Lucas can come up with great films when he first tries a concept, but he then tinkers and messes with it too much, and loses the purity and simplicty that was the things strength.

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I completely forgot it was Towel Day and Glorious May 25th! I am a bad fangirl D:

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I should probably get around to reading HHGTTG (or however you fans abbreviate it) one of these days. I never managed, for some reason.

Also, see Indy on the big screen. It would be sad to wait for DVD. It's INDIANA JONES, man!!!

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You watched Sunshine? Poor man. Should've given a little warning - I doubt our copy will -ever- be used again ([ profile] halcyon_shift got it -because- she'd heard it was bad... And it turned out to be the wrong kind of bad).
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[personal profile] andrewducker 2008-05-26 08:08 am (UTC)(link)
I enjoyed Sunshine, up until the ridiculous ending.

But then I saw it in the cinema, where I was happily able to spend the entire movie feeling actually warm, and wishing I was wearing shades. I can't see it working on TV at all.
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[identity profile] 2008-05-26 09:50 am (UTC)(link)
I rather liked Sunshine, but perhaps that's because I wasn't approaching it as scifi but a surreal psychological weirdfest with bonus disco spacesuits. Love the atmospheric soundtrack, which someone kindly uploaded for me. *pops it on iTunes*

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My main complaint about wearing lilacs is that I'm allergic to them.

(And why would I care about my towel? Hitchhiker's Guide was amusing *when I was seven*. I'm not seven.)

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Yeah, Sunshine wasn't so good. I'd had high hopes for that movie. I'd wanted to let it off because, well, THE SUN ... but still, overall, no biscuit.