I'm pretty sure Douglas would've approved of this:

I had a tough choice of icons for this entry, had to pick a non-standard one, I have so many Dalek and H2G2 icons, but none of them link up. That may have to change...
So I thought I'd post a poll on this auspicious date. Oh, and ask opinions on the new Indy film as I've sen mixed reviews from people that normally have similar opinions.
[Poll #1193737]
Also, am watching Sunshine on DVD. It's shit, unfortunately, I'd heard that people that liked Event Horizon liked it and others didn't, as I liked that film, I thought I'd give it a go. Ah well.

ETA: It's stripped out the link to John's Wedding speech from the anniversary bit, silly LJ.
Oh dear. From Slashdot:
MJ Simpson, who has 'been studying and documenting the life and career of Douglas Adams for more than 20 years', has written a very in-depth review and plot analysis of the Hitchhiker's movie. As well as the full review that contains SPOILERS , he has also published a shortened spoiler-free version, as well as a list of things
from the radio plays, records, books and TV series that have not been
included in the movie. Hitchhiker's fans, prepare to be like Marvin...
very depressed.

So, I go to read the reviews. Because, let's face it, I'm watching it anyway.

The "review" is that of an obsessive nutjob. He looks to be even worse than the LoTR freaks who wlaked out of Fellowship because there was no Tom Bombabil. It hasn't got that bit so it sucks.

Well, you see, the thing is doofus; the radio series is long, the books longer, the TV series is also quite long. The film needs to be 90 minutes, and work well as a film. So, it hasn't got every joke from the book.

So what? It isn't the book, it's a film. Ah well. The movie may be great, it may be awful. But the above reviews don't help me make a judgement one way or another.

What is it with obsessive fans that expect movie adaptations to be word perfect? Or radio adaptations for that matter. JK Rowling refuses to allow Radio 4 to adapt her books, so you're only allowed to read them out verbatim. Completely, and utterly, pointles...

Goth test version XX )
If I own all their albums, can someone tell me who they are?
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