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Mat Bowles ([personal profile] matgb) wrote2008-05-28 03:25 pm

If music be the food of polls

Right, Richard posted a poll (go vote) about the CDs on his desk, and said we should do the same. Well, this isn't exactly the CDs on my desk, it's the stack I just moved from the base of the stairs as I'm vacuuming[1]. It's basically the stuff Jennie's taken to work over the last few weeks and not put back into the CD shelves yet. So, which of them would you choose to listen to?
[Poll #1195103]
Bonus special points—6 of them are my CDs, want to guess which?
[1]You can tell I'm vacuuming, right? Definitely cleaning the house, not at all distracted and sat back at the computer again. Why she thinks I love the thing is beyond me, we got it to clear up after her filthy dogs...

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I think you should listen to whichever disc you want to listen to! :)

And I certainly won't be doing a poll like this. If you knew the sort of CDs I've got stacked up around my place, you'd just point at me and laugh.

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I think you should listen to whichever disc you want to listen to!

Lame. This is what polls were designed for!

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Actually, I might do something similar, but with a twist...

Next week when El's away in Munich and I have many long evenings to fill, I might do a poll to determine which of my unwatched DVDs I should watch. So then you'll get to gasp in horror at the ghastly things which lurk in my DVD collection!

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Most of those are pretty scary, man.

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I ticked all of them apart from the Blues Brothers OST and Moby's Play for the main reason that I've heard those CDs far too many times and they remind me of being at school. While I don't really mind some of the songs on the BB OST, I dislike the Moby album in its entirety. It was always overrated when it was released just on the basis that a lot of the songs appeared in adverts. Gah!

Because the text box doesn't allow long essays for answers, my answer was going to be: "The nearest CD to me is a mini Windows 98 driver disc for a cheapo mp3 player I don't use, after that it's a double CD set for the Memory Map software, the nearest music CD after that is What's the Story (Morning Glory) by Oasis if I'm counting the top left-most one in the cabinet."
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But I had to reach around my iPod to get at it...
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I genuinely didn't have any music CDs in the office. I own a selection, but I never listen to them while my music's available more readily from a hard drive.

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If you take it like that mine's Command & Conquer Red Alert II, slap bang in the middle of the games shelf. Music's a little further away, and behind the monitor.

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Just chose the ones I would _choose_ to listen to, not the ones I wouldn't turn off if they were already on.

Love The Blues Brothers!

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Goddammmit, I forgot to vote for Dummy as well and it's the nearest one to me and all!!!

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I love my lego and my star wars on the p s3

Do you have a bike
I love my bike!


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yes. i like my bike too. i like taking it to the park

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I love you too baby. Going to have a nap now, night night.

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Mum, what's a pervert?

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A pervert is someone who gets laughed at for owning six of the top eight CDs in this poll...

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Mummy is a pervert, mummy is a pervert!

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iluvyou mum

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She typed that all by herself you know, without any prompting or anything.

* proud smiles *

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I didn't doubt it for an instant.

A kiss from Aunt KC for being so clever!