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Mat Bowles ([personal profile] matgb) wrote2008-12-26 11:33 am

It's all gone quiet...

This is a pretty good description of my friends list and feed reader this morning:

How about you? Taking Jennie to work for an eight hour shift in abit, then back hereā€”got a bit of a grotty cold so don't want to sit in the pub given we're doing that tomorrow for her birthday anyway. So, come on people, post stuff, amuse me!

OK, how about a meme. Um, Most expensive Xmas present? Most annoying? Most useful? Why?

For me, all three are one. We got a Wii. Well, when I say we, what I mean is Jennie got one and I grudgingly said OK. Obviously most expensive, and obviously, it's a Wii, it's annoying. But most useful?

Can we say babysitting service? Shrub's got the idea I'm completely useless at it already, so accepts that I don't want to play it lots. So as long as I make sure she takes regular breaks and go down to talk to her a bit, I can keep my sanity when she's off school. Yay!

Also? Worms: Space Oddity is cool, even if I can't aim for toffee, and it makes Jennie smile. Making Jennie smile is always fun.

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[ profile] smallclanger finds the Wii a huge attraction too; within reason it does make a very good babysitter (although usually I'm in the same room anyway). Wii Fit has taught him to sit still (the Zen exercise is wonderful for calming him down before bed!) and I'm really looking forward to his encountering Wii Music on Sunday...

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I got an iPod Nano, which is pretty good. But I might just like my monster feet furry slippers even more.


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Oh, Wii is hours of long as it's on mute. Mute = retained sanity. My little brother is a super gamer, so I have to find ways to make all of these systems tolerable. My faves (as someone who doesn't particularly love/excel at video games) are WarioWare: Smooth Moves and MarioKart for Wii.

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My guess is you just don't have the right game(s) for it yet. Tip: Steer clear of the Sims for Wii (can't remember what it's called, but you'll spot it) and go for something like Mariokart or something like that!
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1. Round tickets to Boston. Already spent in November.
2. A book of prehistoric origami projects. It's cool, but does she really think I'm going to fold any of them?
3. A modern circular needle for wide projects and for magic loop. :-)