K, this evening, I decided to make a steam pudding, and due to a rather dried out orange, it ended up being a lemon and orange steam pudding.

Which got us talking. [personal profile] amazing_holly isn't that familiar with the rhyme and, as is usual, [personal profile] miss_s_b seems to know a completely different version to me, which is again different to the ones I've found online (and neither of us can remember the exact lyrics we knew as a kid anyway).

I've found several online sources, best two seem to be Wikipedia and rhymes.org.uk, which also has the alternate London Bells nursery rhyme. However, none of these mention the Bell of St Stephen's, which Jennie swears blind was in the version she knew as a kid.

Can anyone else remember St Stephen's being mentioned? It's very likely it's not the Bell of St Stephen's (ie Big Ben) anyway, but...

Oh, wait, the pudding? You want a recipe? Oh go on then...

Easiest and quickest pudding mix ever )

Nom nom nom.
On Monday evening. [livejournal.com profile] miss_s_b did, with a fair bit of help from Shrub and me, bake cupcakes. A sign that I'm getting naturalised is I'm now in the habit of calling them buns (mostly, admittedly, because Shrub gets confused otherwise). SB was in charge on Monday, because I'd not baked cakes for years (and years and years), and simply lack confidence in the kitchen.

It's not that I can't cook (granddad was a chef, I grew up around farms), more that, generally, I couldn't be arsed. But, y'know, I do enjoy cooking, so I'm trying to build my confidence up.

I learnt how not to do it

Anyway. I learnt lots on Monday. Specifically, I learnt how not to do it, and that, if in doubt, use less mix in the bun case, not more, which was SBs preference.

So, with us having eaten them all by this evening, I decided to cook some more up. Theoretically SB was going to be in the room with me making sure I didn't mess up, but that would've meant getting out of bed and that just wasn't going to happen.

I quartered the recipe

Given that we'd a) made far too many and b) they'd all overflowed the cases on Monday, we decided to quarter the recipe to make just 12 (ie one tins worth). So, from memory, I quartered the recipe.

Except that I mixed up the cake recipe and the bread recipe. So when I quartered a 800g of flour and weighed out 200g, I was actually measuring out the exact same amount of flour as we used on Monday.

Ah well. We now have a nice sponge cake as well as 126 cupcakes. I did cook 12, but, y'know, they were fresh and looked tempting. Shrub likes them too.

The sponge cake is still cooling, SB's made some buttercream icing to use as a filler, some of which is already on the buns.

Eat the mistakes

This cooking larks a lot easier than some people make it out to be y'know. As long as, y'know, you're prepared to eat the mistakes.

Nom nom nom.
This is a pretty good description of my friends list and feed reader this morning:

How about you? Taking Jennie to work for an eight hour shift in abit, then back here—got a bit of a grotty cold so don't want to sit in the pub given we're doing that tomorrow for her birthday anyway. So, come on people, post stuff, amuse me!

OK, how about a meme. Um, Most expensive Xmas present? Most annoying? Most useful? Why?

For me, all three are one. We got a Wii. Well, when I say we, what I mean is Jennie got one and I grudgingly said OK. Obviously most expensive, and obviously, it's a Wii, it's annoying. But most useful?

Can we say babysitting service? Shrub's got the idea I'm completely useless at it already, so accepts that I don't want to play it lots. So as long as I make sure she takes regular breaks and go down to talk to her a bit, I can keep my sanity when she's off school. Yay!

Also? Worms: Space Oddity is cool, even if I can't aim for toffee, and it makes Jennie smile. Making Jennie smile is always fun.
What's your reaction to a chance to go on a decent rollercoaster? The reason I ask this is because we[1] went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach[2], and Jennie insisted on going on as many of the big fast rides as possible. At one point she observed to one of the crew "I'm not bothered, but he is"—meaning me. The thing is? I wasn't bothered, just really really not caring. I just don't really see the appeal of most of them—one of them, the Revolution, announced itself as "the most thrilling ride of your life", but to me it was merely meh. I figure there are four main reactions to these things, so I thought I'd find out.
[Poll #1209471]
It's not that I didn't enjoy the day out—both [livejournal.com profile] shrublette[3] and Jennie were obviously really enjoying it, and some, especially the 'family' rides were good. I just was completely unmoved by the Big Dipper et al. The Avalanche was quite good, and the Mouse was actually scary as it felt like we were falling off at every corner, but I wouldn't say I really enjoyed them that much.

You? Do you like rollercoasters?

[1] We being [livejournal.com profile] snapesbabe, her daughter [livejournal.com profile] shrublette—it being her 5th birthday Friday) and her dad (who runs her YouTube channel)

[2] It has a flash thing that autoplays with music, fair warning for those of you that don't have flashblock as a standard install.

[3] So much so that some of them, notably River Caves, Derby Racer and Grand Prix she went on again, and again, and again (and again). Fortunately Daddy volunteered to redo fair few of them...
My daily digest of texts, tweets and status updates.
  • 10:12 is wondering what colour the sky is where Mad Nad is from. She sounds so rational on the Radio until you pay attention to the words :-( #
  • 20:52 is delivering leaflets with a 4 year old. She's much better than me. #

ETA: Nadine Dorries, referred to as "Mad Nad" was on Woman's Hour discussing abortion law. She was being as economical with the truth as she normally is on such things.
Microblogging using LoudTwitter and Twitter. [livejournal.com profile] matgb_twitter is there if you're mad enough.
My daily digest of texts, tweets and status updates.
Sent by text from wherever I was at the time )

Microblogging by SMS, using LoudTwitter and Twitter.
[livejournal.com profile] shrublette is attacking me with Mr Chompy. I blame [livejournal.com profile] innerbrat, damned silly dinosaurs.

Ah, it appears he prefers chocolate to humans, I'll buy him off with a chunk.
Contentment. Really. People reading the journal for more than 6 months are probably slightly confused by the complete lack of cynical bastard Mat that you've sort of got used to.

People that actually know me have seen me smile, randomly, at something that I've thought about. No prises for guessing what that normally is mind, but there y'go. SB's been in a bit of a weird mood this evening, and also isn't feeling 100%, but seems to have cheered up now that [livejournal.com profile] shrublette has stopped grisling and started being bouncy again. She's exhausted though, Shrub tells me she's asleep upstairs, so I'll be off to check in a bit. We played Eye-Spy earlier, although Shrub's spelling isn't quite up to actually getting things right yet. Very cute though, and seems to be very happy seeing us both together, which is good.

I was in a bit of a strange grump yesterday, not actually upset with anything, just a bit meh with the world; seems to have shifted today—got a fair bit of work done (although I've got to finish coding the site tonight) and have cheered up a fair bit (and Shrub's just come to say hello as I type this). Being cheered up may have been helped by her returning from shopping with a big bottle of Jameson's and a box of organic Thornton's truffles. Y'know, the type of thing she used to love before she developed the "eating these could kill you" caffeine allergy (and a few sips of a cherry alcopop Friday night did knock her out quite badly, quite scary really).

So, yeah—getting used to a major change in my life, and, well, accepting it. Details to work out, things to plan, but overall?

I'm happy. Just, well, wanted to tell the world really.
See, the scariest thing about getting properly involved with [livejournal.com profile] snapesbabe, at least in the early stages, was meeting/getting to know [livejournal.com profile] shrublette, her recently 4-year-old. So I was very nervous the first time I stayed while she'd be there rather than at her Dad's. Her reaction?

Having a 4-year-old fan )

Let's Pretend )
Shrub as 'mummy' )

Odds of it working a second time? Minimal one suspects, but she did at least tidy up her toys, which is more than I ever did at her age...
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