Apr. 17th, 2005

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Apr. 17th, 2005 05:53 pm
K, guess what I did Saturday? Yup, I slept. Problem with insomnia and a full time job is you still need to drag your carcass into work each morning during the week, no matter how little sleep you've had. Which means by the weekend you're exhausted, so you catch up on the sleep. Which means your body confirms its opinion that waking up at 2pm is the correct thing to do. And so the cycle perpetuates.

And so to today. My sister rings. Did you go shopping yesterday? What did you get Mum for her birthday?

Panic shopping as the shops close )

£75 in Tesco? I only went in for some bread and some milk... )

That's why I avoid shopping. I hate wondering around looking at things, I just want to grab and go. Which means I don't stop myself from grabbing stuff. I've been so close to buying a laptop just because it looks nice a few times too many recently...

Anyway, in election news, Kilroy has been caught out as a huge, vote rigging liar. Well, ok, it was an online poll on his own website. Read how the Orange Tanned One tried to rig his own poll/ Veritas=Truth? I think not.

Cuts inserted as I realised it was a little long...
OK, after a lot of people commented, I ran a brief analysis of the thing. I wrote it up here on [livejournal.com profile] ukpolitics [ETA: Now copying and pasting in here below so I've got the analysis, 19/1/2008].

I've put a Tab Delimited Text file up on my storage site (for those not used to TDT files, open with a spreadsheet or database programme like excel, and re-display the columns. Excel filters then let you choose parties and their preferences).

Essentially, many of the policies chosen are popular (or are supposed to be) LibDem policies. But the Labour policies chosen are not that popular, and not what they're really campaigning on. UKIP gets its two main issues easily highlighted at the top (for those curious, if you put in a neutral result for the two Europe Qs, but are opposed to, for example, ID cards, you're likely to show a soft positive for UKIP. Tories also get a number of their headline policies.
More detailed analysis )
So, the test, while fun, is unlikely to show you as a Labour supporter, and is very likely, if you're on the "left" to show you as a LibDem; 3 of Labour's 7 positive areas are also LibDem areas.

Is this a problem? Not if, like me, you're actively out campaigning for the LibDems. But if you want an impartial way of finding out who you should go for, one that allows for choices on all policy issues should possibly be chosen.

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