It appears I forgot to promote this link. I had meant to. Here we go:

Starring [ profile] tyrell, [ profile] halcyon_shift, one of my (and [ profile] paulatpingu's) former housemates and a bunch of other people, Fabulon 75 is a Babylon 5 spoof that is really really really bad. It was made the year before I started at Exeter University, and was already legendary then.

Steve? Just so that you're aware. I've deliberately put that link in the clear within the cutoff length for all the aggregators this journal displays on. I doubt any of the MPs reading will bother following the link, but you never know...

It's my understanding that the server it's on has unlimited bandwidth. So, y'know, feel free to share the link ;-)
Righty ho landlubbers. After decamping to Bournemouth for a week, we've ended up down in Devon as a) it's just down the road and b) my cousin's getting married Saturday.

This is good, especially as it means I get to go see The Pyrates again. Yup, on International Talk like a Pirate day, my mates Tim and David have booked their band a gig (I last saw them just after I moved to London last year and enjoyed the night).

So, SB and I are planning to travel up to Exeter tomorrow (partially as there's a co-op branch to pay some cheques in), and Do Stuff, then decamp to the Firehouse to see folks in the evening.

If anyone fancies meeting up for lunch mid-afternoon snack and/or coming to t'pub with us in the evening, then just shout.

Oh, if anyone wants to walk us around the new(ish) bits of town and help me not get lost, that'd also be cool...
Last night, Jennie and I went to see Aliens Vs Predator-Requiem, for a full review including a few minor spoilers, her review is here, and while I agree with her, my review is slightly more succint: it's shit. Pretty, and vaguely entertaining shit, and a bunch of you will love it for the gore and the fight scenes, but the plot was arse, the idea poorly implemented and the dénoument was piss poor. Fun, but arse.

In completely other unrelated, [ profile] harlotqueen took his camera for a walk around Exeter and has a nice little photo blog post with some cool pics of my old town. I've also never seen the weir that high, and I really like his cityscape by twilight.
Hmm, this is an interesting approach to fundraising. My old University is selling off it's old campus signs on an eBay store. They're expecting the old hall of residence signs to go quite strongly, I was more interested in the Parker Moot Room sign myself, but it's a bit battered ultimately very very pointless.
[ profile] a_sanders_myspc went to the Brit Award ceremony in his role as a Culture, Media & Sport Committee member. He's completely right about one of the headline acts:
The Killers were great, Snow Patrol impressed, and Oasis were… well many describe Oasis as a great rock n' roll band; to me they are just a wall of sound fronted by a couple of plonkers.
Never could stand em, and I lived in Manchester when they were getting big. Blur, now they were a good indy pop rock band. Oasis were just Beatles wannabes...

In other news, I've got a bit of coding to do, and I've got stuff planned this afternoon/evening. Tomorrow I'm driving back to Devon to collect more stuff (and also see some people), so I might be offline till late Sunday. Might be. Knowing me I'll end up changing all my plans, but, y'know.
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Yeah, happy new wossname and all that. Everyone else texting so might as well. Hub, Exeter. Quiet but fun, just danced to Ministry and NiN was good.

Edited by a slightly more coherent Mat using the LJ interface, because it's easier...
I don't, normally, do them. Although some of these are not bad:
10> Yoda: I will stop talking like a backwater rube and speak using normal grammar like every one else. My resolution this is. Damn!
But, y'know, maybe new year, new start, new town; some resolutions? Well, maybe some vague plans. OK.
  1. If it's a day that I'm not being paid to be anywhere, I'll try to at least get out of bed before noon. NB, climbing back into bed and deciding to read a good book or watch a DVD is perfectly acceptable, as long as I've got up at least once. I failed to do this yesterday and today. Ah well, it's not January yet.
  2. As I'm moving to a town where there are things to do in the evenings, cultural activities of note and a variety of different clubs and bars, I'll try to actually make use of them, sometimes. Maybe. In Torquay, I've an excuse for not getting out more, but in London?
  3. I'll stop reduce the amount of time I spend taking the piss out of [ profile] nadriel. NB; these are aspirations, not promises
  4. I'll try to remember to put the newspapers for recycling before they're 6 months old. Keeping huge piles of them doesn't have a point at all now they're all archived online, and I never actually went back to refer to them anyway
  5. Drink more. SRSLY, I barely drink at all, which is daft. I include within this finding more things I like to drink than whiskey and cider.
  6. Stop trying to make long pointless lists you know no one is reading. Ah, ok then...
It's, officially, the last day of the year 2006. Not figured out yet where I'll be in 23 hours time, at least two options appeal, Hub where [ profile] byteback and others are DJing, or THTXB, where many other friends will be. We'll see.

All this assumes, of course, that I get out of bed at all. I might, possibly, write a review of the Torchwood DVD extras, if I can be bothered; anyone specifically want me to? Lack of a response does not mean I won't, but getting one means I might actually make some effort...

Remember when I wrote this about my admissions tutor at University, Bill Tupman?
[1] Bill was the admissions tutor that let me into the course at Exeter. He was also the regular who propped up the bar in the Jolly Porter when I lived there, and a top bloke: great company and always worth a chat in the evenings. It was his course, with the 'assessed website' element that got me to learn the basics of coding and prompted me to register my first domain name. It was also, of course, his module that I failed to complete, leading me to get the BA without the (hons). Figures, doesn't it?
Well, um, Bill Tupman = [ profile] snufkinaway, and has just made a few comments on that post.

It seems that no matter how much I dislike elements of LJ (and I am definitely decamping to Wordpress in the New Year for most of my stuff), there are other elements that have definite appeal...

(Also? The Fx2.0 spellchecker tells me I've been spelling definately wrong for years. Ah well...)
For those not on [ profile] altexe in Exeter...
Exeter Rock/Goth night at the Hub, Saturday 16th December )
So, who's in, and who's able to give me somewhere to crash?

Also, the following weekend, 22nd/23rd? I get paid, and it's my last day of work in my current job. I fancy doing something, probably involving sitting in a pub with a lot of friends putting the world to rights. Anyone fancy a) joining me and b) nominating a good pub in Exeter to do so in?

NB: Good pub. This rules out anything in the J.D. Wetherspoons chain of theme bars.
my stats Ah. Oops. See, I went to Exeter today, [ profile] granjero organised a Warlord tournament at Steve's. Took my phone with me, with my email and the login page for Infection bookmarked. Unfortunately, could only check between each, hour long, round. But an infection round is, um, 35 minutes currently (it was an hour when I signed up). Oops. [ profile] mapp noticed and texted me, but I got the text a bit too late (reception at Steve's is awful) and logged in just as I died. Bugger. Worst bit? team stats The team's dropping like flies as well. 13 members left out of 100? Ouch. Still, an interesting idea for an LJ based game, and it can work. I suspect when this game is over, the next one will have less players, but be more organised. Being able to set a sleep mode is essential, but an 'away' mode might be useful, and possible a weekdays only mode. Ah well.

The tournament? I borrowed a deck from Chris. New Merc Warlord, interesting idea, but as Chris said, not at all tuned and in need of some work. Huge turnout from the Barnstable lads, bugger all from Exeter, just 4 of us. Still, a good day. Went up to campus to see if there was anything worth doing at GeekSoc, but no, everyone playing bloody RPGs. Need to work on that a bit, never going to keep new members if there's no one available for pick-up games. Anyone up to doing something next week?

I'm in a bit of a 'meh' mood at the moment. Off to see the lawyers tomorrow morning, hopefully be able to talk about it openly tomorrow evening. Have no plans for Xmas, no plans for New Years. Am thinking family for Xmas, London for New Years; any Londoners got any specific plans made?
Oy, [ profile] mapp et al...

Earlier today, [ profile] shakalooloo sent this message to [ profile] exegames_fd. A few minutes ago, I got this comment on an old post:
Cut for brevity of friends list for non-Exeter types... )
From one [ profile] andrewmantis, just moved, to Sidmouth, of all places. Go say hello, do the usual, harass, etc.

And look, I manged to make an entire post without taking the piss out of White Wolf and Vampire LARPers once. Aren't I good?
Very very cool. [ profile] angelil took many pictures until her battery ran out, and I filled the phone up as I forgot my camera. [ profile] draxar's height was useful, and was well worth the journey.

Best bit was right at the beginning. We're approaching the pub currently active, and we can see smoke and a very packed crowd. We're making our way through it, and Pink's giving a commentary about what he can see, mostly a few flames above heads. Then I can see the smoke, then the flames, then the barrel as it heads towards us through the crowd and the crowd is getting out the way.

Next thing I know, they're coming right at me, and we're all jumping backwards. The guy carrying it runs out of energy and it goes to ground directly where I was standing a few seconds earlier. A big barrel full of flames and tar not 3 feet from where I'm standing, and a bunch of lunatics scrambling for control over it.

Utter insanity. Well worth the journey. A proper post about the politics of the thing may follow on VTX tomorrow, suffice to say the number of disclaimer announcements, signage &c pointing out that you're there at your own risk was depressing. That they palpably need to do it is even more depressing. If you're going to an event famous because people run around the streets with barrels of flaming tar on their shoulders, then you are choosing to put yourself at risk. If you choose to run around with said tar barrel, you are choosing to take on the risk. So why was the event nearly cancelled due to insurance issues? FFS

Anyway, time to watch a Dr Who episode on my newly delivered DVDs sleep...
Oh yeah, forgot. Given that Shaks, Raks, Will, Beef and Jim can't organise a piss up in a brewery, anyone fancy going to Ottery tomorrow instead?

For some reason, I never went to it when I lived up there and, well, it looks so insanely stupid that I just have to see it at least once.  I mean, for once, I'm not even going to complain about the bloody awful burning effect on the website.  Bloody stupid frameset, yes, but, y'know, it hasn't been updated for 6 years...

So, anyone up for going?  Have car, will travel...

Also?  Firefox users?  Forget about bloody Semagic.  Deepest Sender, it's a plugin, you can integrate it into your context menu and toolbar, so you never need go to the update page again.  And the image insert function encourages good coding practice.  Yay!
There's a meme going around. People ask you to comment and they promise to say something about you. I can't see the point of fishing for compliments, nor does gratuitous niceness appeal. I was thinking of doing a gratuitous insult post, or a random promise for off topic comments, but, well, I can't be arsed. So you'll have to make do with a "Mat says disdainful things about the most recent meme" post instead. Feel free to comment and tell me I'm wrong though, I even have an icon for the very purpose.

Meh. V for Vendetta is a cool movie. At some point, I really ought to get around to reading the damn comic (it's not a graphic novel FFS, it's a trade paperback collection of a previously published comic series, gah!), especially given that I like the writers other stuff, but, well, meh. I suspect the movie is nothing like the comic, but then, if it was written as an allegory for Thatcher's Britain, you'd have to change it. And a blatent satire on Blair's britain is much more relevent. I'm trying to make an icon using the V. Have I mentioned I suck at design stuff? I think I have.

Meh, I'm off to bed. What, me going to bed at midnight not 2am? Yup. I've got [ profile] autopope's first novel open on the bed, it's quite good so far, I'm on page 4. But before I log off, I just heard [ profile] mp_bradshaw_exe on the radio. Not only is he a hypocritical git who's broken the recycling laws he's responsible for enforcing, he's also minister for chewing gum. And to think I once voted for the smug git...
Well, I'm still exhausted. I've done nothing today really, except trawl around online and drink coffee. I'm thinking I'm a little out of shape.

Scratch that, everyone knows I'm a little out of shape. Warlord at Steve's )

Drinking in Exeter )

Party at Jo's )

Breakfast, a wander and a visit to GW )

Change of plans again, a pub and more friends )

Hex Hex card game )

Order of the Stick )

Like the Game of Thrones expansion. Anyway, after we'd done (Chris won, Duncan came second, and I was a close thrid despite messing up and playing a 'difficult' character), we said our goodbyes and I drove home. Collapsed into bed, woke up today, read Hogfather for a bit, then came online.

All in all, I've had a good weekend I think. Good to see people, good to enjoy Exeter with no reservations, and, naturally, seeing Jo and Christy running around in their underwear is always good.
Hmm, not sure what to think on this one. [ profile] mendees, having moved to Exeter, is thinking of going to the Cavern tomorrow night. Fine, fairly normal. To see a band called "Betty Curse". The lead singer of which is a persona created by Megan Burns, the actress who played Hannah in 28 Days Later. Now, of course, she's 20, not 13/14 as she was at the time of the film. And, um, she looks pretty good from what I can find (band Myspace, her Myspace). She's also, it appears from a few interviews, fairly switched on.

However, she's backed by Island Records quite heavily, the contact section of the site (no direct link, not possible, see below) essentially promises to spam you with stuff about all their bands that might be of interest, and it just oozes marketing shill. Musings on how the marketing men take over the world, and how it turns us all into (too) cynical gits... )

So, cool new artist with both track record to appeal, the looks to carry it off and a genuine goth/alt girl to like, or simple marketing dream designed to cash in on a market that the big boys in the industry can't, normally, get in on?

And, perhaps of more direct relevence, given it's apparently free entry, if I were to cancel my normal Monday night stuff, anyone interested in going along tomorrow?
Got a text message from Dot last night; for those wondering, definately still alive. Message in its entirety is below the cut.
Message from Dot )
And on a differenct subject entirely, there's a new silly meme going around. It's not actually that bad. To join in go to

Worth a go.

Leaving the office now, straight off to Exeter to Steve's to play in [ profile] granjero's tournament. Then, hopefully, to go meet [ profile] faeriecween for [ profile] singanathema's birthday.
Firstly, I did this a few days back but never posted, and I like the result:
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.
I'm Joshua Abraham Norton, the first and only Emperor of the United States of America!

Next, I heartily recommend [ profile] linkfrenzy to everyone, always a few worth a read in there. Today? A site called 23 Apples of Eris, and article called Habeas Corpus Remembrance Day:
On this day, Bureaucracy 66, 3025 (12 October 1859), His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, ordered the Congress of the United States to dissolve.
Weirdly fortuitous coincidence n'est ce pas? All this fuss the USians are making over the loss of Habeas Corpus, I'm wondering if Blair did it over here just as a trial run for Bush; make it work on a small scale. Is that what these isles have become, a testbed for El Presidenté Bush's authoritarian disrespect for the rule of law?

Anyway, time to leave the office and get to Exeter; going to play in [ profile] granjero's Warlord tournament (using one of his decks, natch), which should be good. I could sort of use the practice for KoHIT, as, y'know, travelling to Germany to take part in a major event, it's sort of a good plan to know what you're playing before you get there, right? Heh, this'll be my 5th KoHIT, and despite my rep as a "top" player, I've only ever played with a deck I built once...

Oh, [ profile] mapp et al? 23 Apples of Eris is [ profile] 23ae_rss. If I keep doing discordian references I may have to switch my stated religion...
Got talked into going on the annual work boat trip (witha attached bar). Apparently you can't call the booze cruises any more, because someone decided that that was "encouraging binge drinking". Right, like Torquay harbourside is normally full of sober people.

Anyway, it was good. I'm a little drunk. Decided to leave before the rest went to the club as a) I hate nightclubs generally, b) Valbonnes is a really bad club c) I was happy, so leave on a high and d) meh, tired.

So, I am not sober, but am happy, and really must remember how good the bay looks at night from a boat, I keep forgetting. Probably ought to go out on the water more often, it's been ages since I went sailing or rowing, which is a bit daft really. Anyway...

Exeter people? Warning...

They let [ profile] waka_laka in. Actually, given how crazy you all are, she'll fit in fine. Katie?

Haven't been there much for ages, but they're still pretty good, especially at this time of year. There are a few communities in my u-info worth a look at as well.
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