• All of these articles are quite good. Except the one on Ten. The least convincing article is the one in favour of the most overblown and poorly used Doctor? Quel surprise.
    (tags: Doctor+Who)
  • Quoth Cicero: As I go out to spend Euro for the first time in Estonia, I reflect that the country is making decisions to promote its own prosperity and maintain its identity, and that is more or less the opposite of what the ignoramus Daily Mail journalist- who did not even know Estonia was in the EU- thinks that the Euro actually does.
  • I really like alphanumeric keyboards with T9 predictive text, especially if it learns quickly. But I'm fascinated by other ideas. That USians seem to be obsessed with putting crappy QWERTY keyboards on everything is befudding, given how good T9 is on even basic phones, it seems like a massively retrograde step. But this looks very interesting--browser based demo, works nicely, available for Windows, Android and iOS phones (but not Symbian, yet, unfortunately). Would take a bit to get used to, but I can see it'd be rather quick to use once you'd got there.
  • Andrew Wakefield is a lying scumbag who deliberately falsified the supposed 'links' between autism and vaccination. Children are dying as a direct result of his fraud.
  • The reason for courting Twitter users over users of other sites is that they tend to be more likely to share links, more likely to write their own articles somewhere and are much more likely to comment on articles elsewhere, all of which makes them important opinion formers. Scary, isn't it?
    (tags: twitter)
  • Sheerman was on the list the No2AV campaign put up of their supporters. Their incompetence is becoming amusing. Regardless, he lives down the road from us, looks like I might have a good local ally. Have to contact his office when my brain's working.
  • Jon on the future of blogging. I broadly agree with him about how blogging has, and likely will, develop, group blogs always had an advantage over individuals, if done well. Now that UK blogging has matured, it's unsurprising that group and media financed blogs dominate most rankings. But that doesn't mean they're taking over, or driving smaller bloggers out. They're amplifying an audience, the audience for small personal blogs is probably bigger now than it was a few years ago, and I'd say it's likely even easier for a good individual to break in to the higher echelons if they want to. Twitter and Facebook may reduce the number of people think-piece blogging regularly, but they help the same people build up an audience to share links with very easily. Besides which, it's not like the top group blog in the country has particularly high standards...
    (tags: blogging)
  • More for the comments than the main news. The difference between wanting a blog to write occasional thoughts down, and wanting to be a top or pro-blogger is actually quite significant. La Dale is out of the race for the top, but isn't going to shut the site down, just use it when he feels the need, instead of feeling the need to use it.
    (tags: blogging)
  • I don't know if it's the outfit, the lighting, the hair or a combination of all, but I really don't like this photoset, the look really doesn't suit her.
  • I've always hated the 'blame the messenger' approach, especially when it's stuff I kinda like. According to some, most of my friends should've committed multiple Columbine massacres by now given their respective combined tastes. Strangely, this hasn't happened. Nice research.
  • Several different people have linked this and I finally got around to following the link. You should do the same. It would help if you've seen, at the very least, Aliens. If you haven't, you probably ought to report to a reeducation facilty (or a DVD rental facility) ASAP.
    (tags: aliens fiction)
ETA: It did done werk! Thanks to [personal profile] andrewducker for hosting the script for the autopost for me, and [personal profile] exor674 & [personal profile] fu for patching DW so that my reported-over-a-year-ago bug was finally figured out and fixed. This means I can auto post cool links again. So I might, y'know, start posting stuff again.
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