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Tee hee :-D

May. 1st, 2005 02:47 pm

From [ profile] jonnynexus

Bunker was fun last night; I just got up. Odds of driving to Exeter very slim so I'll see people whenever.
In the meantime, I'm off to trawl the net and annoy some "true fans" of H2G2 who are still whinging about the changes. I might just quote Adams at them on the subject.
Fell asleep while reading last night, without noticing we'd had another powercut so my clock alarm had reset itself. Which meant it decided it was midnight and woke me up at 4am (the alarm default is midnight? WHY?).

So, I slept most of the morning, and would still be in bed "resting" if I hadn't run out of water. Ah well. Cooked breakfast at 2pn; what does that classify as, late brunch?

What Tim Burton character are you? )
Oh look, I'm the slightly gothic misfit. Meh.

I keep meaning to motivate myself and go out and campaign. Haven't managed it yet.
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Apr. 17th, 2005 05:53 pm
K, guess what I did Saturday? Yup, I slept. Problem with insomnia and a full time job is you still need to drag your carcass into work each morning during the week, no matter how little sleep you've had. Which means by the weekend you're exhausted, so you catch up on the sleep. Which means your body confirms its opinion that waking up at 2pm is the correct thing to do. And so the cycle perpetuates.

And so to today. My sister rings. Did you go shopping yesterday? What did you get Mum for her birthday?

Panic shopping as the shops close )

£75 in Tesco? I only went in for some bread and some milk... )

That's why I avoid shopping. I hate wondering around looking at things, I just want to grab and go. Which means I don't stop myself from grabbing stuff. I've been so close to buying a laptop just because it looks nice a few times too many recently...

Anyway, in election news, Kilroy has been caught out as a huge, vote rigging liar. Well, ok, it was an online poll on his own website. Read how the Orange Tanned One tried to rig his own poll/ Veritas=Truth? I think not.

Cuts inserted as I realised it was a little long...
Who Should You Vote For?

Who should I vote for?

Your expected outcome:

Liberal Democrat

Your actual outcome:

Labour 2
Conservative -45
Liberal Democrat 72
UK Independence Party -23
Green 14
You should vote: Liberal Democrat

The LibDems take a strong stand against tax cuts and a strong one in favour of public services: they would make long-term residential care for the elderly free across the UK, and scrap university tuition fees. They are in favour of a ban on smoking in public places, but would relax laws on cannabis. They propose to change vehicle taxation to be based on usage rather than ownership.

Take the test at Who Should You Vote For

Let's face it; card carrying members should agree with the policies they voted for, right?

ETA: The test is biased, follow up analysis here.

Oh dear. From Slashdot:
MJ Simpson, who has 'been studying and documenting the life and career of Douglas Adams for more than 20 years', has written a very in-depth review and plot analysis of the Hitchhiker's movie. As well as the full review that contains SPOILERS , he has also published a shortened spoiler-free version, as well as a list of things
from the radio plays, records, books and TV series that have not been
included in the movie. Hitchhiker's fans, prepare to be like Marvin...
very depressed.

So, I go to read the reviews. Because, let's face it, I'm watching it anyway.

The "review" is that of an obsessive nutjob. He looks to be even worse than the LoTR freaks who wlaked out of Fellowship because there was no Tom Bombabil. It hasn't got that bit so it sucks.

Well, you see, the thing is doofus; the radio series is long, the books longer, the TV series is also quite long. The film needs to be 90 minutes, and work well as a film. So, it hasn't got every joke from the book.

So what? It isn't the book, it's a film. Ah well. The movie may be great, it may be awful. But the above reviews don't help me make a judgement one way or another.

What is it with obsessive fans that expect movie adaptations to be word perfect? Or radio adaptations for that matter. JK Rowling refuses to allow Radio 4 to adapt her books, so you're only allowed to read them out verbatim. Completely, and utterly, pointles...

Goth test version XX )
If I own all their albums, can someone tell me who they are?
The problem with being a news junkie is that sometimes the news is the same story repeated. Ad nauseum.

Charles and the horse have gone to Balmoral. I care because? This displaces every other news story in the country and the world because? It even took over the whole of Radio 4 FM this afternoon, they 'split' the service, the regular schedule was long wave only.

I don't have a long wave radio; why not let the minority interest wedding be on the hard to receive frequency so I can listn to what I want to in peace?

it's 0012. It's still the only story the Beeb has covered int he midnight news. y'know,t he main news brodcast of the day.

I don't care! Leave me alone!

In other news, service in the local Orange store is tops; my new Motorola is charging as I type. New contract too; free texts might mean I try to keep in touch with people...

p.s. as 0012 finishes, it goes on to the news about Longbridge; I don't care, but at least it'e real news.
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Dead Phone

Mar. 28th, 2005 04:45 pm
Gah! My mobile handset (bought from Paul about 2 years ago, possibly 3) has finally died; it's plugged into the charger and keeps trying to turn itself on, beeping, and giving up. It can't turn on because it hasn't got enough power in the battery yet, but it won't stop trying to turn on, thus wasting all the charge that it's gaining. Fun.

So, time to contact Orange for a new handset, but it means I've lost all my old numbers and am not contactable by personal phone. So I might be collecting them of people when I get a new phone.

In the meantime, I'll put a friends only screened post up with work number and email for those that care.

Been planning to replace the thing for the last year. Ah well...
Well, it's another bank holiday. Which means when taking my lunch break, buying a newspaper was hard work, getting lunch in an open cafe harder, and everyone wants me to eat crappy milk chocolate bollocks. Thanksfully, my parents, knowing me well, sent in to work via my sister a Green & Blacks dark chocolate egg :-D

Oh, and I went to Somerfield last night and bought 4 bars of their white chocolate, which is absoletely great. If, like me, you were put off white chocolate for life by that Milky Bar Kid, but you like chocolate, do yourself a favour and try this stuff. Suitable for vegetarians but not vegans; I bought some Maya Gold to go alongside it anyway :-D

I like that my job means I work bank holidays and take the day off when I want it. I hate that it's pretty much impossible to get normal services in the pokey small town I work in (the place of my birth). I really need to look more at the Exeter jobs available...
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Mar. 14th, 2005 05:37 pm
Blame [ profile] tispity

1. Total amount of music files on your computer?
Zero. That was easy wasn't it? Not got broadband, and have a perfectly good CD player thank you. Plus, the PC is so crap that playing music would likely stop it from working.

2. The last cd you bought was...
Actually, Franz Ferdinand's album. Before that it was the Bauhaus live album "Gotham".

3. What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
By choice? Guns n Roses Civil War, one of the few of theirs left I still like, and it was stuck in my head.

4. Write down five songs you often listen to or mean a lot to you.

1. The Pogues "Fiesta" (long term association)
2. Jane's Addiction "Been caught stealing" (let's here it for that first time...)
3. Nine Inch Nails "Wish" (first days of my best days...)
4. Lou Reed "Perfect Day"; blame Trainspotting, but it's an awesome song
5. Therapy? "Nowhere" (just because)

5. What new music are you really excited for in the coming year so far?
I'm not really, I'll likely get told if something good comes out but, meh, I'm an old git these days.

6. What 5 people are you going to pass this baton to and why?
Meh, I dunno; some people less apathetic than me I guess.
[ profile] nadriel because he might put some effort in
[ profile] mapp because I seem to like a lot of the music he likes.
[ profile] shadow_exe because ganging up is always fun
[ profile] karis_uk because it might prompt her to post something
[ profile] silentgreeneyes because, well, I needed a fifth person and feel a little guilty for not being able to talk to her properly yesterday...
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Hmm :-D

Mar. 7th, 2005 06:18 pm
I know how he feels...

In other news, I had a grotty cold all weekend so spent the whole time in bed reading books and watching DVDs. The entire directors commentary for all the extended Lord of the Rings Films, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disk 1&2 of Series 1 of Dark Angel, an Iain M Banks book, Asimov's Foundation trilogy (no idea why I had to pick it back up again) and some other cool stuff.

Still feel grotty, but not enough to justify skiving off work again. I demand sympathy cos I'm a bloke and it's just a head cold really.

Greece, as I mentioned, was very cool. Saturday, I checked out, and went to see the Acropolis. Immense, and very weird to look out from the top of the mountain it's on.

Delays, delays, death on the line )
So, I get home after midnight, and sleep. and sleep. Boy do I sleep.

Woke up yesterday morning because my alarm shouted at me. Rang in to work, went back to sleep.
Jealousy of success )
Ah well; off to watch more DVDs; Fellowship pt 2 then Two Towers, or Donnie Darko (finally succumbed to the urge to get it, never seen it but so many people keep telling me it's good, at £5, not really bothered if it isn't...)?
Well, I've been having a blast do far. This may be partially due to a struggle paying for *anything* whatsoever, at one point Arne (my German friend/roommate) and I tried to pay for a meal as a thank you; Manolis told the waitress something in Greek, she refused our money and took his credit card.

8 nights here, I've paid for the hotel for only 3 of them; "we insist!" Incredibly friendly people, and I've made some more good friends, as well as meet a few people I've only ever been in contact with via e-mail before. Yesterday in Thessaloniki, we met up for coffee and a snak, then Angelo and Vasilis insisted on cooking me a real Greek meal (without the meat, which they still don't understand) for 'lunch' (Greek time, we ate lunch at about 4pm). Very (very) nice, then we went to a cafe where they have a selection of games (Very cool, even a greek translation of Carcassone), the rest of the group slowly arrived, we went on to a restaurant and had another meal (they're all really skinny, but boy do they eat, no idea where they put it all).

Then I went to catch the overnight train. Except I couldn't; it was full. I'm assured this is unusual in Greece, but both it and the next train were full with Turks travelling to Athens for some event, so Konstantinos insisted on paying for another night in the hotel, and buying the first available ticket to Athens the next morning.

I took out 200 euro at the airport when I arrived, I still have 50 of it left. So, off to find something to spend it on in my last night in Athens.

I am so glad I came; didn’t see any of the sites of Thesaloniki, but saw a lot of the bars.

Hope everyone out there in Cyberspace is OK; I arrive back into Luton airport tomorrow night, then it’s the long coach journey home...

[edit: put the font back into western encoding, don't know what happened at the net cafe...]
Well, for those not aware, I'm flying to Athens tomorrow (well, technically later today), and I'll be back Sunday week. I've been looking forward to it all week, but can I bring myself to pack? Nope.

Ah well. Athens, and a brief trip up to Thessaloniki. And my Greek friends have promised both a tour of the Acropolis and a tour of the strip clubs.

Can't be bad. Nobody do anything stupid while I'm away.

Oh, wait. Nobody do something that's more stupid than normal while I'm away.

Pink; good luck getting elected, hope you get in on a purely selfish note if for nothing else. ike, good luck job hunting. Mark, hope the DJing was OK tonight, stop panicking all the time, and well, have fun. London people? No S-C for me this month, but next month for sure. I'd rather be in Athens I think, especially with what it (isn't) costing me.

Everyone I can't think of something to say to? Go to bed, it's after midnight, you don't have a 4.45am taxi booked to stay up for.

Be seeing you...
I thought people had gotten over the fad, but oh no...

[ profile] draxar's current signature line on X-net:
Image Hosted by
Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

is a direct quote from a comment made by me on [ profile] raksaksa's journal. It's also about the elections, which he may or may not be allowed to talk about in a public online forum.

So Mr Pink, appropriate?

The quote can be found here if anyone cares.

I, of course, don't. Still curious as to why putting quotes from me in siglines seems to be so popular; at least 4 separate forums it happens on. Very weird.
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Feb. 13th, 2005 01:09 am
Well, I've had a fun few weeks. ManCon was great, even if I did come next to bottom. Great to see everyone again (even Odo), and the Germans that made the journey were happy so can't complain.

I appear to have kicked my internet addiction though, I'm barely online these days, I come home, get some food, and read a good book. MEans I'm a little behind on the email, but still,I think overall I'm happier.

Friends collage, many images )
A little weird, appears to be every pic used as the default by everyone in my friends list, with an alt telling you who it is. I had to hover to find out a few. Not sure if it's cool or crap. Probably both.

Was going to go tot he Bunker tonight, but, well, I couldn't be arsed to leave the flat. Same applies to last night and the choice between KoKo and Boxes. Both likely to be crap and full of kids, so choice=neither. awaiting a review.

Greece in less than a week :-D I really should have started preparing. Confirming the hotel dates would have been a good start. Good job I know lots of people in Athens and Thessaloniki.
old school
Congratulations!!!! You are an Old school Goth and
we thank you for keeping it real!!!! Now go
enter 2004 and get your head out of your ass
and realize that there are good groups that are

What Gothic Subtype Are You? (with great pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

Volts was very cool last night, really glad I went. Thx to Pink for talking me into going, Mark for being fun and everyone else for generally being around.

Now, explain this in the same article:
"Student journalism is often a heady mix of passion and ignorance. A criticism labelled at student ‘hacks’ is a failure to check and clarify a story"

As a follow on to this:
"Two years ago, Exeposé printed a mock interview that claimed that RocSoc members dressed in black because they were abused as children. Quite understandably, many people were very upset, which led to a stand-off in the M&D room during an editorial election. RocSoc hired a lawyer to proceed with a libel action,"

Hmm. You'd have thought that, given there are plenty of people still around on campus who do remember the full details, they could at least have, well, checked their own records?

RocSoc didn't hire a lawyer; as a Guild Constiuent Organisation, it would be unable to sue another part of the Guild anyway. Court case of Exeter guild of Students versus Exeter guild of students anyone?

I, as honorary President, "consulted legal advise". Well, that was what we said publicly. I bought a friend (a lawyer) a drink and asked his opinion. Fucking stupid student media types. We decided not to sue for libel because, despite it being justified, the petty vindictiveness of one idiotic editor and her stooge is not enough to damage an organisation we broadly supported.

Ah well. So, should we let the myth perpetuate, or point out the facts to the relevent editors and/or guild types?
Well, I checked into X-net (Exeter university forums) after about 6 months not bothering (last september it told me).

I find a sticky at the top of Random Silliness author=RaVensWyrD (and I know I've got the capitals in the wrong place).

So very, very strange. I like having Laurence modding the forums, stuff gets done.
For some reason, I've barely touched the PC at home for over 2 weeks. The longer I left turning it on, the less inclined I was to do so. Cold turkey vs addiction effect?

I was actually quite busy, combining work, social stuff, going to friends and going out. I also slept for the whole of last Sunday (despite plans to do otherwise).

Went to see Team America: World Police; the guys from GW were going and, well, it was cheap. I actually loved it, very funny, the sex scene was surreal and the pisstaking of overblown American idiocy was hilarious; the opening scene has them there trying to stop the terrorists from blowing up the Louvre. They succeed in killing all the "bad guys", the last one is killed by an air to ground rocket that also destroys, um, the Louvre. Chalk one up tot he good guys. Not normally my sort of humour at all (not a fan of South Park for a start), but I loved it.

Shame the same can't be said about Electra, which [ profile] nadriel and I went to see last Sat while I was in London. Imagine karate kid, except the lead is an attractive woman. Take out most of the point of the training, leaving an aura of unexplained mysticism. Add in some bad acting, an awful plot, an annoying contrived teenage victim, a stupid plot twist and the killing of of Poison Ivy, one of Marvel's better characters here used as a throwaway villain. The hoped for redeeming feature, that of Jennifer Garner in a red corset, wasn't really seen enough to justify the ticket price. And London cinemas are more expensive than down here.

Still, Synthetic Culture last weekend was cool, met up with many people and took the piss a lot. The bubble wrapping was amusing; a decent use for the annoying stuff. Huge queue; glad I missed it by getting there before the pubs kicked out. Thanks for putting up with me Mike.

Work's ok, getting into random chance territory though, visit host family, turns out she's a good friend of the father of an old school friend, they run my old scout unit together. Weird.
Well, slept most of the day (again, really have to stop sleeping in on Saturdays, it messes my bodyclock something chronic even though I mostly am exhausted). So went to OtherCon late, played a bit, then decided to go to the Bunker. Completely unplanned, got there about half 10.

Talked Dot and Beadle (although he tells me that's not how is name is spelt) into going as well, both enjoyed it.

It was actually a pretty good night;Anne-Marie jumped me as I got to the bar, fortunately Chris pulled her off; good to see they're still happy together (especially good to just see her happy). Felt old again, but gotta get over that; just because her father's a pretty good friend...

Finally met (Lyrical) Nikki from RocSoc; she's even prettier in reality, boyfriend :-( We bitched about how crap most of the committee are; I think she might make a good President, hope she runs. Also introduced her to Dot, who also wants to sort things out. So some progress.

Emma and Matty were down from London as well, so Tara, Louise et al were out in force; always good to see the mad bunch. In fact, I saw more people there I liked than people I didn't know, which is unusual for that place. Will is growing a mohican, wonder how silly it'll look.

Am glad Alice rang me to find out where I was, and also very glad to make the (late) decision to go out afterwards; Dot is fun, and Beadle seems a decent bloke as well. Overall, me in a good mood. Now all I need to do is get some sleep and wake up on time tomorrow...

Barry/Rox; am in Exeter on campus tomorrow from 12, no idea if oyu're doing much, but might get time to do at least come say hello; unlikely but I'll text at some point either way.
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