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So, after procrastinating for ages, I decided yesterday to get around to installing the most recent versions of Wordpress and play around. But life got in the way, good job I waited really, as they released version 2.6 today so I've been playing with that. It's good, it's so very very good. If you're currently using Google's Blogger service, now is very much the time to think about switching and getting set up on your own domain and server[1].

Specifically, I've updated Warlord TaKtiX[2]. Those of you that've visited the site before will remember that I was using a multiple Blogger system, (front page now archived here temporarily), but awhileback decided to try to shift it to Wordpress. Except the importer just wouldn't work. They've fixed that problem now it seems, and I've managed to import everything from the old setup (about 120 posts) as far as I can tell very quickly—it even allowed me to assign authors based on Blogger ID and similar, and made the Blogger 'labels' into categories—some of which I easily and quickly transferred to tags.

The posting interface is clean and quick, they've really sorted out the widget system to make it nice and intuitive, the menu structure has had a good UI makeover. Ultimately, very user friendly, and a significant improvement on the (already good) Wordpress software that I had been using. Those of you using LJ wandering why they're constantly trying to 'improve' things like the update page and similar? It's because WP is the most significant competition they've really got, and it's so userfriendly in comparison to the dated, geeky feel of LJ and the rather clunky taskflow for doing pretty much anything. And the "new" Blogger that Google's been working on for ages, while still significantly better, is knocked for 6 by this little baby.

I approve. I really do. I may dig out the old crossposting plan again. Maybe. Definitely play with the idea anyway—so looking forward to working on this for proper paying clients.

[1] I can assist/do the work for this, and while I haven't worked out a pricing structure yet, it'll be fairly cheap because, y'know, it's me...

[2] The revamped game is due for release any day now (Individual Starters and Demo Decks available for download on the official site). If anyone (*cough* [ profile] granjero? *cough*) else wants to contribute stuff I'm sure [ profile] shakalooloo would be interested in contributors, in fact a new writer would be ideal as I need to talk him through setup as he'll be editing the site himself once it's fully running. Meestor Laurence? After our previous conversation there are a few basic things I need to talk through with you, preferably by phone when we're both online, shouldn't take long, you know how to contact me, I can ring back on free minutes at a time to suit you.

Date: 2008-07-17 06:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yup, I know. I built the demo decks.

How're you contactable online? AIM or MSN or other means? I've got a little bit more online time now.

Date: 2008-07-17 11:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*Is intrigued by Warlord CCG*

Is it good, then?

Date: 2008-07-17 12:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oooh. I used to be a bit of a Magic junkie (but not for the last six years or so) and was just wondering what good CCGs were still around these days.

Heard good things about the Game of Thrones CCG too.

Date: 2008-07-17 05:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Everything I've heard about AGOT is that it's a good laugh to play at a basic level, but as soon as you start to get any deeper the power level spirals at a pretty insane rate.

The new edition of Warlord is tradable rather than collectable, and should be out within a couple of weeks. I'm happy to talk more about it if you want (I could natter all day about the game.) I'm available either by e-mail or MSN at Chrisdyer84'at'

Suffice to say I've always really enjoyed playing the game. It's quick to learn but there is a massive amount of strategy involved.

Out now

Date: 2008-07-28 09:37 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It's actually out now. You can see more on it on the website (which is a blog in its own right) and buy it from .

Sorry for the domain confusion - the product simply came first. At some point after GenCon I'll integrate them all into one site.


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