So, after procrastinating for ages, I decided yesterday to get around to installing the most recent versions of Wordpress and play around. But life got in the way, good job I waited really, as they released version 2.6 today so I've been playing with that. It's good, it's so very very good. If you're currently using Google's Blogger service, now is very much the time to think about switching and getting set up on your own domain and server[1].

Specifically, I've updated Warlord TaKtiX[2]. What had previously stumped me was complete in 10 minutes, and done better than I thought possible )

The posting interface is clean and quick, they've done other cool stuff and really beaten LJ and Blogger down a peg or two )

I approve. I really do. I may dig out the old crossposting plan again. Maybe. Definitely play with the idea anyway—so looking forward to working on this for proper paying clients.

[1] I can assist/do the work for this, and while I haven't worked out a pricing structure yet, it'll be fairly cheap because, y'know, it's me...

[2] The revamped game is due for release any day now (Individual Starters and Demo Decks available for download on the official site). stuff for Laurence and players )
So, my web host package for TaKtiX expires on Tuesday, so given I'm barely using it I'm backing it all up to prepare to move it all to a cheaper server.

While downloading the entire HTML content I found that the server stats programme provided by my host backs up the stats page monthly. This I knew not. Oops. So I read them through, and realise that I've been misreading them a bit. I thought they were cumulative in that programme, but they're not. Most read are the various feeds the site releases. After that are the graphics I use here on my journal. Next up? Well, this surprised me, so I dug out the old Statcounter account.

For the non-Voting parts of the site, there are about 700 visitors per month. Thing is? Half of them go to one page. Mr [ profile] mapp? Your old review of the Tau Codex gets about 350 readers a month. Still. Virtually all from Google.

Shame I don't play Warhammer based stuff anymore, appears there's some decent ad revenue to be made reviewing the books if a two year old review can still get that many readers...
Site update, I said I'd install WP-MU but my webhost doesn't support the software, it'll run WP but MU needs more resources--I'd need to open a support request with them and even then it's not guaranteed they'll make the necessary changes, it involves more than a few redirects :-( So back to plan A, indivdual installs per person, bloody annoying, was hoping for a universal login, but, well, it'll do.

Instead, tomorrow I might, if I can get the impetus together, go to the CARNAVAL DEL PUEBLO in Southwark. Or drag myself up north for the Innocent fete. Anyone else made a firm decision either way, and/or interested in either?

Today, apart from playing with webhosting stuff, updating all the old Blogger stuff I was using and moving it, I've also been shopping. I mentioned I was looking at mice, well, on a whim I went into Maplin, and ended up with a wireless mouse & keyboard combo, so I can type from anywhere in the room now, which is nice. I also, just might, have bought 6 books in Waterstones (and no, 'm not going to look at how cheap they would've been on Amazon)-I went in for the Fforde, and bought a whole lot more, bloody 3-for-2 offers. Oh, I might have bought about 6 months supply of Lush stuff, and encountered my first example of a bad shop assistant in there.

And I ate a whole Lyle's Golden Syrup cake. For breakfast. Healthy eating plan? Yeah, right...
K, I've mentioned several times, and I've had my 'replacement' site set up for ages anyway. But, y'know, other things to do, etc. Never had the impetus, or the reason. Well, guess what? LJ have deleted a bunch of accounts again )

The law in the US is fairly clear on the point though, they had little choice )

So I'm going to use my upgrading hosting package to set up my own site )

Anyone wanting to help out welcome )

So, beta testers useful when I've got it installed. Others thinking of jumping ship and self hosting+cross posting also welcome. Others using Wordpress for other things are invited to help out the codebase, suggest useful plugins, etc.

I've been putting this off for two damn long. [ profile] eclexys and [ profile] johnwordsworth both prove you can maintain an LJ as well as a WP powered blog, and there are many plugins that could make lives even easier for them.

[1] I'm exhausted anyway, didn't sleep at all well last night, so I'm not going to Inferno this evening, I've been ill on and off all week so I'll stay in and relax.

Oh yeah, they've made the Message Centre almost usable, although the removal of links to pages beyond the first is annoying.
Some great stuff in today's worcester LJ code push, prompting my desire to test a feature. Still, one good thing, but would've liked to know it was happening; they've changed the tag limit from 100 to 1000, so my careful go back and split up my 'life' tag that I've been doing for the last month or so became fairly pointless overnight; has made the tag cloud itself look better though; it works out all sizes based on the biggest used tag, so having none over 100 makes the mid range tags look much bigger. Külness.
[Poll #999114]
However, still planning to decamp my journal hosting reasonably soon; NB, not leaving LJ, just hosting my journal elsewhere as well as here, not sure how to handle comments yet, but I'm not the first doing it and it seems to work for them. So, via [ profile] lj2wordpress, Infotropism – Weaning yourself off LJ: Why you might want to. Followed up by a series of how-to guides, quite a nice post that.
Can't sleep, at all, so instead you get an insomnia fueled ramble. Not sure if the PC now being at the end of the bed in the new place is a good thing or not, I liked having a desk in a separate room, ah well...

Getting back into writing again, hopefully. )

Y'see, something worries me. It's a bit of a rambling worry, but, well, bear with me.

Remember Mr Blair's Big Tent?

Big tents and partizanship )

So, what am I worried about?

Duverger, the Stupid Party and The Project )

Too big a landslide caused Labour's problems

Lack of genuine reform means the day to day issues are worse )

What if the Tories get a landslide?

The Tories could actually win, on their own *gulp* )

My ideal results... )

Anyway, back to [ profile] voting_taktix, and me being part of a team. I need one. No experience necessary, but an interest in freedom would help )
Anyone want to help?  No commitments required.  Honest.
Yeah, I know, but, well, I've been ill details ). So I did some finishing work to [ profile] voting_taktix here. I'm using Wordpress wittering ), and have spent the day styling it.

Well, that's not strictly true. I've spent the day with the style edit windows open, but I've alsow been trawling MySpack (which my dial up hates), looking at funny stuff and generally goofing off. [ profile] draich_goch? Call to Power II sucks. Big time. Can't see the point, it's like CivII but without the cool.

Um, re the site? It's nowhere near finished, but it looks OK in Firefox. It, um, doesn't even look viewable in IE. I have NO IDEA what's gone wrong there, the layout is all weird but I haven't touched the positioning FFS. Ah well. Wanna write for the site? )

Anyway, it's after midnight, Old Harry's game finished nearly an hour ago, time to finish reading stuff and shut down for the night, hopefully I can get a nights sleep and go to work tomorrow.
Two things. Livejournal this week launched their new ESN system. I love it, I can track comments on interesting posts, and getting everyones new userpics in one little bit of the site is just cool. That's not the topic. When Brad launched it, he described it as "non-stalkery", and I agre, it's not. On that discussion (in [ profile] news here), many people commented that this was good, and compared it favourably to the new Facebook stalking features. Now, I don't use Facebook, it's only available to students, and, well, much as I'd like to be again, a) I'm now working and have no money and b) they wouldn't take me back in. So what, why do I care?

Well, because people can at times be stupid. Y'see, the new, controversial, Facebook features? Don't tell you any information you couldn't already find out, and could be switched off anyway. If you're on Facebook, or know someone who is, spread this link around, as those making a fuss seem, on what I've read, to need a great big slap for not actually getting what public, private and "social network" actually mean.

The utter cretin’s guide to privacy on Facebook

Second point. I'm playing around with a WordPress install on Voting TaKtiX. Ye gods it's good. So very very good. It's so much easier to use than Blogger and LJ. Importing all my old posts from NLE was so easy. Wait, I said my old posts. It even managed to recognise Paul as a user, and set him up as one, automatically, without me telling it to. Now all I need to do do is figure out how to style it (there are some good features on The Slant that I like the look of), go through the archives and categorise every post of note, get everyone linking to NLE to update their blogroll, shut down NLE formally and invite the other new authors in. All I need to do. That's about a months worth of spare time all on its own. Why didn't I do this a month ago?

Oh, because I thought installing software on my webserver would be difficult. D'oh!
It's [ profile] granjero's fault. He asked me if I'd got anywhere with TaKtiX. I hadn't, I've been meaning to figure out the coding issues for ages, but haven't. Stuff the coding issues. It's live.

It's already got 6 new signed up columnists. Stuff about TaKtiX, my gamer blogging site ) That's without putting any effort in. Also, more page views in 6 hours than I get in 2 days at the political blog. With almost no content. But everyone is very keen, and let's face it, the interface is incredibly easy. The things I do when I'm ill.

I was supposed to be writing an article on the Human Rights Act. Or the Constitution. Or the Legislateive and Regulatory (abolish Parliament) bill.

[ profile] theweaselking? Would you be interested in writing a bit of Doomtown content?
OK, as part of my "messing around with TaKtiX to see what works" project, I set up a blog for GW's Warhammer, on the grounds that a) I don't work for them anymore b) I know a lot of players, some of whom are pretty good writers and c) it should be a semi-popular subject.

So, we have a new feed account for it, [ profile] warhammer_tx_fd. However, I recommend everyone goes to read this review, Tau Empire Codex - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly by [ profile] mapp, simply because it's great. This has nothing to do with me liking Tau a lot. Mark's a cheesy git when it comes to winning though, I was convinced he was doomed at first, but Pink had no anti-tank on Sunday. Bwah ha!

Thanks Mark, pretty much exactly the sort of thing we need. In case you're wondering though, because blogger auto parses linebreaks (I can turn that off but don't want to), it means you're better off doing <h3>this</h3>with header tags, looks ugly when coding but removes some of the whitespace. I could do something witht he CSS, but that means, um, learning how...

I also like the way the template looks on that page, likely use that basic layout with a better colour scheme for the whole site once I've got it set up, yay!
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Jan. 1st, 2005 02:17 am

What's so good about that you ask? It hasn't got anything new and the links don't all work.

Simple says I. Look at the domain name carefully. It's PHP generated! Yippe ki yay! I've taught myself php :-D

test.php has 8 lines of code total, but it inserts 7 separate elements, each of which is independently updateable.

That means there's a small chance I may get around to doing more to the site from now on.

Oh yeah, my old monitor flickered and started smoking late last night (if it hadn't I'd have done this post yesterday before bed), so I went to Staples on a mission and am now the proud owner of a flat screen. I considered buying a new laptop, but have decided to teach myself how to build a system from scratch instead. Too much megatokyo perchance?

Um, anyone out there that knows how to build PCs, feel free to tell me where to, um, start. I'm not really much of a techie...
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