Well, it's about time I got around to writing up the books I've read recently. Well, the good ones, anyway. The avarage are for fans, the poor, well, less said about them the better, really.

Steph Swainston: the YEAR OF OUR WAR & no PRESENT LIKE TIME )
Mat's verdict: Buy these books. Now.

China Miéville: King Rat )
Mat's verdict: For the fans, but if you like Gaiman or his later work...

Jasper Fforde: the Thursday Next books )
Mat's verdict: If you like your humour clever, and love reading, you'll love it. If you can't tell your Heathcliff from your Marlowe, you may want to give it a miss.

Books to avoid: Dracula Cha Cha Cha by Kim Newman; bought it on remainder as I liked his pulp Warhammer tie ins written as Jack Yeovil. I can see why it's on remainder. Anything by Laurell K Hamilton. She has her fans, but, well, she can't write sex scenes for toffee, and as that's the only reason she seems to be writing now, you might as well buy some decent porn.
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