• 12:03 waking up and getting ready to go to Leeds. Not sure what the plan is after that but Leeds is a good start. #
  • 14:03 scared by the huge crowd in Scarbrough, not queueing for pizza, but Whitelocks had a table, yay! Leeds very busy. #
  • 18:09 wishing Inspector Sands would get his arse to Platform 7 so they turn the bloody message off #
  • 22:49 watching The Mind Robber. Zoe really does have a fine arse. #

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Went to Leeds today, Jennie's off for a hen night in York this evening so split the journey up. Plan had been to have lunch in the excellent Scarbrough Hotel opposite the station, but it was packed full of Leeds fans and all the seating was taken by a hen party, so we went on into town and ended up lucking out with seating at Whitelocks. Considering that it's the oldest pub in Leeds, it's damn impressive. Went there before[2] but not actually had a meal. Um, yeah. Menu made it look a bit pricy. Really, it's not. It's really not. I ordered veggie bangers and mash with a side of onion rings. Plate full. And really really good. Jennie had roast chicken. She got a roast chicken. Seriously. It even looked good to me, and I don't eat meat. If you're in Leeds and looking for good food or good beer, either is worth a try, and Whitelocks is just cool anyway.

We wandered a bit after that, I wanted to get hold of a book. Smiths didn't have it, but they did have a nice pile of DVDs on offer and, well, we couldn't resist, so more classic Who[1] and a few other things, including a boxed set of wooden board games[3]. Waterstone's didn't have it either, but they did have an import of Android's Dream so that's ok. We decided that out of Borders and Waterstone's, Waterstone's wins, could've spent all day there, easily. Instead we just spent money we don't really have. Ah well, books are never bad.

So, given she's off galivanting in York and I'm not in the mood to go back out, it's me, the dogs, a wide screen TV and a glass (or three) of whisky. After a nice long bath that is. What should I watch first then?

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[1] And some 5th Doctor stuff, does that count as "classic"?
[2] our first proper 'date' as it happens
[3] Does anyone actually play backgammon properly? Never actually tried it.
  • 13:27 arriving into Leeds station hoping at least one shop is open... #
  • 17:12 impressed by the Scarbrough, happy with CEX and very scared by the amount Jennie spent in Lush. #

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Mat is in danger of doing something silly again. Still, is nice to be happy.

The song on the mp3 player after I finally said goodbye to SB as she went for her last train? Lou Reed. From the Trainspotting soundtrack. The BBC did that bombastic cover for charity a few years back. Says it fairly well methinks. Followed by Pulp's Pink Glove.
Still knackered though. Just a little happier.
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